Worthwhile: Jérôme Dreyfuss for the Outnet

Do you know such situations? You see a woman with a bag on the street or a friend at a party, you ask who the bag is and she replies:”Oh, this is an old model of designer XYZ, which unfortunately no longer exists. They were also much cheaper then today. ” Well, I know such conversations, and then I always think, “Thank you for this note.”The frustration could hardly be greater:beautiful, no longer available and cheaper as well. Why had I not slammed back then? Because I wasn’t smart enough at the time. Now I am, but the bag is gone.

For all those who like it, this is the tip. At the Outnet, there is a mini-capsule by Jérôme Dreyfuss, exclusive and limited. You know: This is the husband of Isabel Marant, who with the hot pockets, all have a lamp inside to find the key easier, and whose pockets all lead a man’s first name as a model designation. If you don’t know him, we’ve already introduced the designer 2009. Here goes to the article > > >.
In the capsule there are again editions of his old models at the prices of that time. Among us: I found his old models eh better. And the prices were also more humane then.
So, but now not long torches. Because some of the models are already sold out. Click here to go to the shop.
My favorite is the model Mario for 530 euros. The fringes give the rash, as can be clearly seen in the Resetter.
And here are the other models still available at prices from 360 to 595 euros according to recipesintheBOX.
Now don’t hesitate again. Anyone who wants to carry a virgile or Alain must now have access. If you still have to be persuaded, I will give you this quote from Jérôme in the end:
A perfect handbag is…? Reply from Jérôme Dreyfuss:”… especially practical.”He’s right.