Women’s Custom Bags, Current and Modern Models

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Women’s Custom Bags, Current and Modern Models

You have tried to make a purse or improve a bag that no longer pleases you. The customization came to reuse and improve objects, handbags and even old clothes by the present.

Check out here in our Blog, Not1 models and Tips to customize bags and make them look beautiful and look like new. With just a few fabrics, ribbons or flaps you transform a simple bag into a designer.

Let’s indicate current models of handbags and wallets for parties that today are in the best stores of the Malls in São Paulo and all over Brazil.

You can make your own pieces yourself and sell them to your friends and co-workers. In the end it needs a lot of creativity and good taste to create custom bag design.

Take advantage to make money without leaving home. Start making custom bags and make lots of money.

Material needed to start making custom bags:-Join flaps, fabrics, ribbons, buttons, flower arrangements, beads, crocheted crafts, glitter, etc.

If you are a better seamstress, if not, do a quick sewing course and then yes you will be an expert in customizing bags, shoes, clothes, etc.

Liked the tips and models of custom bags, stay tuned for the next models. Check everything here in our Blog, Not1


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