With Shwetha around the World – Bags for the Small and Big Journey

My Shwetha bag in ethno-look has just accompanied me to Sweden and forms with my current favorite dress a perfect travel duo.

With Shwetha around the World - Bags for the Small and Big Journey

This great bag from Shwetha accompanies me all summer, but I have only now found the right backdrop to make beautiful photos of it. Also from the loose dress of EDITED the label with inserts from cotton top one gets me almost no more out. It has become a perfect all-rounder, which is cool even at hot temperatures and can be worn until the fall with a coarse cardigan.
Once a year I visit a good friend on a tiny island in front of Gothenburg. There are no cars, no noise, only a few small houses, sailboats, rocks and sea. And above all, great lighting moods to make a few special photos. Although the design of the bag has its origin in a very different corner of the world, I find it fits perfectly into this dramatic environment.

Label founder Shwetha Ringel was born and grew up in India. She worked for a long time in the advertising break and so her professional career eventually led her to Düsseldorf. Inwardly, her creative soul always bubbled, for born into a family of artists, writers, dancers, actors and athletes, it had to go unavoidably towards artistic self-employment. The ethno-bohemian-spirit of their designs is, of course, not without reason. If you live in different countries, learn about different cultures and travel a lot, colorful patterns and colors finally breathe continuously.

Together with business partner Sandra Breede, the two now distribute bags that unite details from all over the world. Velvet pockets with tassels, jean pockets with jewelry, metalic clutches with fringes, embroidered shoppers with pommel. Traditional Indian techniques such as Phulkari from Punjab, Kutch embroidery from Gujrat, stones from Jaipur and Ikat fabrics are brought to modern forms. Whether a sporty shopper or luxurious clutch, the range covers the everyday life of every modern woman. Since it is handmade, the prices start from 150, – Euro. At the moment, you can grab the summer collection but for pretty well reduced prices.