Travel to Mont Blanc

Cheeses from Les Contamines

Experience the snow-capped pearl, Mont Blanc – Western Europe’s highest mountain

4,807 meters above sea level, the mighty mountain Mont Blanc towers with its snow-white peaks. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe and offers some of the most magnificent nature you can find. Wonderful waterfalls, dark green forests, small cozy alpine villages and mountain lakes, where the snow-capped peaks are reflected in the deep blue water. Everyone will be captivated by Mont Blanc’s picturesque landscapes.

Travel to Mont Blanc

Depending on the temperament, you can experience the Mont Blanc in several ways. If you are into the big Adrenaline kick, you can join Tourist’s professional UIAGM guides on mountaineering Mont Blanc . The trip is physically demanding and preparation is necessary, but we ensure that you get an experience of a lifetime.

Another excellent way to enjoy the sight of the majestic mountain top is through our drive-yourself hikes to Mont Blanc . We take care of transporting your luggage between the accommodations, and you stay in nice 3-star hotels. The hiking routes are self-guided, but there is help to be found from both the route description and the map. You will travel through three countries: France, Italy and Switzerland.

At 4,807 meters, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps. In fact, it is Europe’s highest mountain, not counting the Caucasus Mountains. Mont Blanc – or Monte Bianco in Italian – means ‘white mountain’, and is probably called that because it is always covered in snow.

The mountain is located on the border between Italy and France. The two countries are connected through the 11.6-kilometer-long Mont Blanc tunnel, which runs from Chamonix in France to Courmayuer in Italy.

Mont Blanc is a popular place for skiing, mountaineering, hiking and climbing. And in the picturesque surroundings you understand why. Look forward to experiencing the incomparable Mont Blanc.

You must experience this near Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Tramway

A ride along the Mont Blanc Tramway is a must. The railway is the highest in France and one of the last cog railways in the country. The track extends to the Bellevue terminus at an altitude of 1,900 meters.

Three old trains run on the track, named after the owner’s three daughters – Marie, Anne and Jeanne. Each train is painted in each their color, green, red and blue and has written the names with gold on the side.

The train ride provides ample opportunity for world-class views of forests, lakes, meadows and of course the beautiful, snow-capped alpine peaks.

Charming Chamonix

Most skiers and mountaineers can nod in recognition of the name, and with good reason, Chamonix can be called the Mecca of the Alps.

Chamonix is ​​located at the foot of Mont Blanc at an altitude of 1,034 meters and has approx. 10,000 inhabitants.

From Chamonix, the further journey towards Mont Blanc can take place. You can take a cable car ride from Chamonix to the Aiguille du Midi. From here you can enjoy the stunning views of Mont Blanc and other alpine peaks.

Breathtaking mountain lakes

In the area around Chamonix there are several fascinating mountain lakes. One of them is Lac du Brevent, which you can take to by cable car. The lake is located at an altitude of 2,125 meters above sea level, and offers magnificent views of the mountain range.

Another stunning mountain lake in the Chamonix area is Lac Blanc, from which there are full panoramic views of Mont Blanc. Take a well-deserved rest by the lake at an altitude of 2,352 meters, where the snow-covered landscape is reflected in the blue-green water.

Cheeses from Les Contamines

About 30 km from Chamonix lies the little gem of an alpine town, Les Contamines, at an altitude of 1,164 meters.

The city is especially known for its delicious cheeses, which are sold throughout France. Therefore, it is definitely recommended that you stop by one of the city’s cheese shops and taste the specialties from the area.

The town is relatively new as a ski resort and has not been taken over by major concrete buildings. The charming, wood-paneled houses are the epitome of authentic French alpine village.

Cheeses from Les Contamines

Questions from the travelers

Where is Mont Blanc?

Mont Blanc is located in the western part of the Alps and forms the border between France and Italy.

When is the best time to travel to Mont Blanc?

The best time to travel to Mont Blanc is during the summer period, from mid-June to late September. During these months, there is the least risk of precipitation.

Is it difficult to climb Mont Blanc?

Reaching the top of Mont Blanc is for the experienced hiker or mountaineer who already has a good physical basic shape and good health. In addition to physical endurance, mental strength is needed, as you are away every day for 10-14 hours, and the degree of difficulty can be affected by current wind and weather conditions. You can read more about what it takes to climb Mont Blanc here .

Our self-guided trekking routes around Mont Blanc are less physically demanding and consist of approx. 4-7 hours of hiking a day. In addition, the walking routes are less equipment heavy and your luggage is transported between the accommodation places.