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Mont Blanc Tramway

Experience France from its most beautiful side

France is a country that can satisfy most travelers. Tourist Travel offers travel to Normandy in northern France. The area offers beautiful idyllic landscapes with vineyards and small provincial towns, all of which put the stress level at the bottom of everyday bustle. The large, mighty mountain ranges that stretch across the country allow for stunning views. On this journey you will experience the real France. Normandy offers interesting history, and if that does not capture your interest, you can enjoy the country’s delicious baguette, cheese and wines in stunning surroundings.

A trip to the highest mountain in Western Europe

In France’s magnificent mountain range you will find Mont Blanc , which, at 4,807 meters, is the highest mountain in Western Europe. Here we offer unique opportunities for trekking tours around Mont Blanc, which takes you through 7 valleys and 3 countries – France, Italy and Switzerland. If you are the type who can not get enough wild experiences, you can with Tourist Travel climb Mont Blancs 4,807 meters, which is an experience of a lifetime.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the French, which offer vineyards as far as the eye can see, historic castles and an abundance of culinary experiences. At Tourist Travel, we offer trips to France, where you can, among other things, go hiking in Provence, explore Normandy on your own or climb Mont Blanc .

On our trips to France you will experience the country outside the big holiday hotels and get a taste of the local culture. Whether you are into cozy walks that take you past local villages, or want to venture into Western Europe’s highest mountain Mont Blanc, you will find here a type of travel for you.

Climate and weather in France

Leaving aside the southern part of the country, France has a temperate climate where summers are hot and winters mild. In the winter months, the country reaches temperatures close to zero, where the summer months are at 23-27 degrees. If you go down south to the Mediterranean, there is a subtropical climate, where it can often take several months without a rainstorm.

In the north of France, the weather can be a little more changeable, so it is not uncommon to experience showers. It is therefore always a good idea to pack the rain jacket if the trip to France takes you to the northern regions of the country. However, you have to go all the way to the Alps in the east before you encounter more extreme weather conditions.

You must experience this in France

Sénanque monastery

It’s hard not to pull the camera out of your pocket once you spot France’s beautiful Sénanque Abbey abbey. The monastery is one of the finest examples of Roman architecture in France and is surrounded by beautiful lavender fields that provide a stunning contrast to the monastery’s prehistoric bricks.

The monastery was built in 1148 for Christian monks and it is still active to this day. Today, monks harvest lavender from the surrounding fields and welcome visitors. On trips to France, the monastery therefore provides a fantastic insight into the everyday life of the time, which is still cultivated to this day.

The monastery is located near the town of Gordes in the Vaucluse region. If you hit the road past Provence on your France trip, then do not deceive yourself for a visit to Sénanque Abbey which is a true historical pocket of time.

Mont Saint Michel

It is hard to believe your own eyes when you first see the Mont Saint Michel throne in the countryside on trips to France. Mont Saint Michel most of all resembles an adventurous castle, but it is in fact an ancient monastery dating back to the 700s.

Mont Saint Michel does not actually refer to the monastery, but to the tidal lake on which the monastery is located. On trips to France you will find that the tide recedes completely during the day, making it possible to go exploring in the sand around the island. However, be careful not to move too far away, as there is a lot of quicksand that you can quickly get stuck in.

With its adventurous appearance, the monastery has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is therefore a well-visited tourist attraction. It therefore pays to plan your trip to France so that you avoid the large crowds. If you are visiting Normandy on a trip to France then you must not miss a visit to Mont Saint Michel.

Marquis de Sade castle ruins

If you go to Provence, do not deceive yourself for a visit to the Marquis de Sade castle ruins – also known as The Chateau de Sade. The castle ruins are majestically located above the town of Lacoste in the Calavon Valley.

The castle ruins were built around 1720 and were houses for the de Sade family – including the famous philosopher Marquis de Sade. The Marquis de Sade is historically known as the author of violent, pornographic texts, and spent much of his life in prison. The castle that you can experience on trips to France is said to have housed a large number of his wild parties and orgies.

The castle ruins are located on a slope above Lacoste, and the view up to the castle is an experience in itself on trips to France.

Chamonix Valley

Chamonix Valley can take the breath away from most on trips to France. The area, which is known worldwide, is located at the foot of Mont Blanc and is surrounded by some of France’s most majestic mountains. Chamonix town in particular is well-known among ski enthusiasts, but you do not have to be a skier to enjoy this absolutely amazing area.

In the Chamonix Valley on trips to France you will find the most breathtaking scenery. The area offers, among other things, a number of alpine mountain lakes such as Lac Blanc. The lake has an absolutely breathtaking deep blue color, which reflects Chamonix’s snow-covered landscape.

In the area, on trips to France you can also try the Aiguille du Midi cable car, which connects the city of Chamonix with the Aiguille du Midi. It holds the record for the cable car with the highest vertical climb from 1,038 to 3,777 meters altitude.

Mont Blanc Tramway

Even if you are not a big train enthusiast, do not deceive yourself for a ride on the Mont Blanc Tramway on trips to France. The railway is one of the last cog railways in France and the highest in the Haute-Savoie region. The track stretches from Le Fayet at an altitude of 584 meters to Nid d’Aigle at an altitude of 2380 meters.

On the track run three old trains, which are painted in each their color: blue, green and red. In 1957, the owner chose that the train track is named after each of his daughters, and you will therefore find the names Anne, Marie and Jeanne, embossed with gold on the side of the trains.

On the train ride you get the opportunity to enjoy impressive views over meadows, mountain lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks and a panoramic view that is hard to catch up with. On the trip you can choose to get off at one of the three restaurants and enjoy the phenomenal views that travel to France throws off.

Mont Blanc Tramway