Top 7 travel destinations in 2019

Top 7 travel destinations in 2019

Japan – traditions and modernity

Top 7 travel destinations in 2019

Do you dream of a trip to fascinating Japan, where modernity and tradition live in melting harmony? The country will host the 2020 Olympics, so 2019 is a great opportunity to visit Japan before the race atmosphere clogs the streets for a long time.

Japan is in a class of its own. The combination of a breathtaking modern lifestyle and ancient Asian customs can only be experienced here.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is said to be the brain of the country, while Kyoto is considered its heart. In Tokyo, you can immerse yourself in the pulsating city life and experience the tangible contrasts between modern and traditional. For example, go shopping in the Harajuku district, enjoy the peace of Meiji Shrine or visit one of Tokyo’s countless other attractions. In Kyoto, you can get to know Japanese traditions even more fully. The atmosphere of the city exudes history, and in Kyoto, for example, you can get to know the interesting geisha tradition up close and experience a classic tea ceremony in one of the city’s many tea rooms.

Japan is also the perfect destination if you enjoy culinary experiences as much as culture. The creations of Japanese cuisine are varied, tasty and elegant.

When should you travel to Japan? Japan is a great destination all year round. If you want to see the delicate Pink Cherry Blossoms, schedule your trip between March and April. Japan’s climate is very different in different seasons and the country offers a lot of unique nature experiences, so the chances of a memorable trip are excellent at any time of the year.

Tanzania – unique nature and fauna

Tanzania - unique nature and fauna

Animal and nature experiences await you here.

You can visit Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, for example. The Serengeti National Park is one of the world’s oldest ecosystems and, together with the Masai Mara Conservation Area in Kenya, serves as a scene of Great Migration, with some 2 million animals wandering hundreds of miles each year for food and water. The fauna of the Ngorongoro Crater, which remains after the eruption of the volcano, is diverse and unique, and the bottom of the crater is home to as many as 25,000 animals.

On the other hand, if you want to sweat on the surface while on holiday, in Tanzania you can climb Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Climbing the mountain is a challenging chore, but the feeling of winning yourself – and the view from the top – is definitely worth the hard trip.

Whether you enjoy stunning animal experiences or challenging activities, a trip like a trip culminates in a few days of relaxing beach vacation on the exotic island of Zanzibar in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is like a turquoise blue sea, a white sand beach, a good book and a relaxed mood. If you want more activity, you can go on a field trip to the fascinating, maze-like streets of Stone Town, for example.

When should you travel to Tanzania? The best time to travel depends on what you want to see and experience. The climate in Kilimanjaro is very different from, for example, the Serengeti National Park. In general, it can be said that Tanzania is a good destination for any season. From November to March, the Serengeti is teeming with little chicks, while you can get to witness great animal migration from late May to July.

Thailand – a promised land of paradise beaches

Thailand - a promised land of paradise beaches

For years, Thailand has been one of the most popular travel destinations for Finns. Stunning sandy beaches, delicious food, friendly local and great attractions are the ingredients from which Thailand’s success story is born.

While Thailand is not a “new” destination, the country offers a huge amount of memorable experiences for both children and adults.

The charming city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is an interesting new acquaintance. Here, for example, you can learn how to prepare mouth-watering Thai food, visit the holy temple of Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, or wander through the many colorful markets that trade everything possible between earth and sky. If you visit the city during the Thai New Year or songkran in April, you will be able to enjoy a happy festive atmosphere.

The Thai capital, Bangkok, offers genuine metropolitan spending. The bustle of people, great attractions and a floating market are just some of the features that will make your trip to the capital a memorable experience. One of the main attractions is Bangkok’s Grand Palace, a former royal palace whose golden towers can be seen from afar. Wandering around the incredibly beautiful palace feels like stepping into a wonderland.

If you enjoy relaxing on the sandy beaches, head to the southern parts of Thailand, such as Koh Samui or Koh Ngai. Warm water, a sun lounger and a colorful cocktail or snorkelling trip to one of the many small islands – that’s the recipe for a great holiday in Thailand.

When should you travel to Thailand? Thailand is located in a tropical climate zone, but the weather varies greatly from season to season and place to place. To avoid the monsoons, travel to northern Thailand between October and March, to the central parts of the country between November and May, to the east coast of southern Thailand from June to October, and to the west coast from November to March. Overall, Thailand is a great destination all year round.

Kenya – stunning nature and animals

Kenya - stunning nature and animals

Kenya is one of the oldest classic African safari destinations.

The nature and animals of the country impress even the most experienced tourists. You’ve probably already heard of the Masai Mara, where you can see many other animals in addition to all the big five, such as giraffes, zebras, gazelles and wildebeest antelopes – the latter in huge flocks during a large animal migration of about 2 million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles to the Kenyan Masai Mara. and the Serengeti of Tanzania in search of food and water.

However, there are many other stunning natural parks in Kenya that offer unforgettable experiences. One such is, for example, Ambosel National Park, which offers, among other things, magnificent views of Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is the smallest national park in Kenya, especially known for its elephants. Another interesting destination is Lake Naivasha – a freshwater lake with a particularly rich and diverse birdlife. Naivashajärvi is also home to a lot of hippos, green voles and water antelopes. The highlight of the nature lover’s travel program is East Tsavo National Park, whose red soil gives the entire landscape a fascinating imaginative color.

When should you travel to Kenya? Kenya has a huge amount to do and see every day of the year, but if you don’t want to experience the rainy season, you should avoid traveling between April and the end of May (high rainy season) and between the end of October and December (low rainy season). If you specifically want to get to see the great animal trek, head to Masai Mara between June / July and October.

China – ancient culture and impressive sights

China - ancient culture and impressive sights

According to Countryaah, China is one of the largest countries in the world and the largest country in eastern Asia – it is so massive in size that in one lifetime you only have to see a fraction of everything the country has to offer: diverse culture, incredibly stunning attractions and beautiful nature.

The capital, Beijing, offers unique experiences that will be remembered for a long time. For example, visit the Summer Palace and the surrounding park, or the Forbidden City, which, despite its name, is a former imperial palace. The city is known for its myriad historical attractions. Outside Beijing, you can visit, for example, the Great Wall of China, considered one of the most impressive structures in the world.

If you want to see China more broadly, you can choose, for example, Xi’an, the old capital of China. Xi’an’s absolute attraction is its mighty terracotta army. More than 6,000 human-sized warriors made of clay stand side by side and guard the last resting place of China’s first emperor – and each warrior’s facial features are unique.

You can see endangered pandas in Sichuan Province, China. The area is also home to many other fascinating animals, such as golden pandas, as well as birds such as black-necked cucumbers.

Chinese food culture wrestles in its delicacy and versatility in its very own class. Taste dumplings, for example, Chinese myths (jiaozi) or Kungpao chicken (gongbao jiding).

When should you travel to China? You can travel to China at any time of the year, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the weather conditions really vary a lot across this huge country. If you want to avoid the coldest and hottest temperatures, head to Beijing in the spring or fall.

South Africa – a country full of experiences

South Africa - a country full of experiences

South Africa’s diversity makes it a great tourist destination. Nature, culture, sandy beaches and the heartbeat of the big city – you name it – in South Africa you will find them all.

South Africa is also nicknamed the Rainbow State because of the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity, and this is also one of the reasons why this African country is such a fascinating destination.

There is plenty to see, do and do. For example, go on a safari to Kruger National Park, the largest nature park in South Africa. The park offers really high quality safari trips, during which you can see a lot of different wonderful animals with your own eyes. Kruger is home to many classic safari animals, but also many different reptiles and as many as 500 different bird species.

If you prefer to set the pace for your holiday yourself, a self-catering car holiday off the coast of South Africa is a great option. The Garden Route takes you to quaint little towns and rugged beautiful coastal scenery and also offers many stunning animal experiences.

Cape Town offers a metropolitan atmosphere, which you can enjoy, for example, with an evening walk in the lively Victoria & Alfred Waterfront harbor area. Like the whole of South Africa, Cape Town has a lot to offer.

When should you travel to South Africa? South Africa is an excellent destination all year round. Note that it is summer in South Africa when we have winter in Finland. In the Kruger National Park, the weather is hot and humid from November to February, so it’s a good idea to schedule a trip outside of those months if you want to avoid the worst of being. The Garden Route is a good option all year round, but during the summer months – that is, when it is winter in South Africa – the weather can be cooler. If you want to see whales, the best time is from June to November.

Sri Lanka – small but diverse

Sri Lanka - small but diverse

Sri Lanka is just small enough to see all the main attractions in one trip, but still so interesting that one trip easily leads to another or more visits.

Sri Lanka offers a lot to see in a relatively small area, which has contributed to the island’s popularity as a tourist destination growing strongly in recent years.

For example, the unique nature and diverse and rich fauna of Yala National Park make it one of the best safari destinations in all of Southeast Asia.

If impressive experiences are your thing, Sigiriya, the old capital of Sri Lanka, is a must. The nearly 200-meter-high cliff is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once you climb to the top, you can enjoy marvelous views that are guaranteed to be worth a sweaty climbing contract.

In addition to nature experiences, Sri Lanka is also a uniquely fine beach resort. There is plenty of choice on the beaches of paradise, and what better place to relax after nature, animal and cultural experiences than a sun lounger on a white sandy beach.

When should you travel to Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is a great destination all year round, but the island’s monsoon seasons are worth considering. If you want to enjoy a beach holiday in southwestern Sri Lanka, the best time is between December and March. The northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka, on the other hand, are better suited for beach holidays from May to September. If you want to see whales, travel to the island between October and April.

Japan - traditions and modernity