The Peak Design Everyday Messenger-So Much Was Discussed So Far Barely A Bag

No bag was in advance so much talked about, discussed and believed as about this bag.Peak have presented your bag via Kickstarter project design, the company that was known for 4 or 5 years about belt and carrying systems from San Francisco a few months ago and been incredibly many users waiting on the “goose” on everyday bags for mobile workers and photographers. On the 21.09.2016 have 17.029 supporters in total $4.869.472 USD successfully financed.

The Peak Design Everyday Messenger-So Much Was Discussed So Far Barely A Bag

On the 14.11.2015 peak, which was design everyday Messenger to the gear of the year at national geographic and in the men’s journal selected and awarded.

Since a few days, the bags now in the trade are available. Yesterday was my peak design everyday Messenger in the post and was delivered by

After only 24 hours I can no intense experience report you guys of course deliver, but definitely a first impression and only posting this to serve today. I promise a real review in about four weeks. As business and private travel I pretty much in the next few weeks, I will provide you these followed by real “experience” and the “real-life” of mobile workers and Fotofuzzy. Today but now only a few first impressions.

Packaging – The Very First Impression

Usually I write nothing to packaging, because they are used in the actual totally uninteresting and end up in the garbage. There, although the packaging of the EDMB (an acronym for everyday Messenger bag) ends up but she got me intrigued. Where many other manufacturers use plastic bags take peak design a paper bag and sewn them finely. Away to the thread by pulling so one has direct access to the bag. Who wants to sell the bag again, can then with needle and thread to sew the paper bag. But not many will be sure at this well-thought-out bag.


We now come to the actual bag and their materials. The fabric of the bag contains is very smooth and repellent. One notices at the first touch directly the bag “which can have”, because it is not “the Snuggler”, but rather the

Rambo type. The bag is significantly harder (suitcase-like) as it looks at first sight. The bag from 500D-Kodura-Nylon is (waxed) according to the manufacturer. The floor is made of plastic and therefore virtually waterproof. Nothing more in the way is thus a stop at the siffigen train station floor. The outer zippers are waterproof but yet easy to open. This I like very well. The bag feels in all car brake lining very elegant to pad and is not too heavy for your size with 1,300 grams. The straps are made of typical car-safety material and very soft but as we all know virtually indestructible.

Size And Loading Volume

The bag is bigger on the inside than they of ate acts. The notebook compartment has a 15″ notebook by manufacturer. I have tested Windows notebook 13″ and just as 14″ Windows convertible, which enter both wonderfully. Also a 10″ tablet with protective cover such as smart cover goes wonderfully in the compartment provided specifically for this purpose, which is also on the back of the bag with in the notebook compartment to find.


This bag was made I think of people who were even looking for exactly one such pocket for everyday. All the details are thought out down to the last and really make sense. Because personally, I make one small exception, but we get below on the subject of trolley. The dimensions are also apparently very thought-out as you can accommodate almost all news is useful and transport. The peak is his own pocket on his own holding and fixing systems design and small details matching does not build a surprise of course.

Inner Workings

The bag has three isolators in the main compartment. This seemed somewhat lean at the beginning when you consider that delivers other bag factories in part with up to 15 different antenna elements to his pockets. But only at the second sight to determine how variable these three separation elements are to use and how you can change this in the size (see also the videos at the bottom of this article), then realise it quickly you no other separator more to this bag needs. Partitions that you can-adjust by “Folding” to his demands to the idea needs you first come.

The padding of the bag is more than sufficiently thin, not bulky, but I believe that. I read on the net by fears that the cushions were too low for adequate protection of the equipment, but I do not share these fears. It is well thought out, tested and makes so so thin to make sense.

There are two, one of each side of the Pocket side pockets. These are open and not closed. The front pocket under the lid, has many individual compartments for the many small things which are so necessary in everyday life. The front pocket is secured with a zipper.

You have access to the inner workings of the main case along zipper you can open along the bag large lid opening or through the.

Inside on the back is still a narrow subject, which is well suited for pass or tickets. Also, a small but well thought out detail on this bag.

Belt Or Restraint System

The shoulder strap is as described above from the same material as our car seat belts.These are virtually indestructible and yet this very soft and comfortable to handle.The strap is adjustable with the special hook aluminium in length. He also has a very comfortable Sling adjustment with a clamping mechanism with which you quickly shorter can pull the strap when wearing the bag on your back. The shoulder strap has small shoulder pads with a slight rubber coating so that the belt does not too easily slip off the shoulder. This cushion is processed in the belt and not moveable. Well, why…

The belt on the bottom close to part of the back ground which is Pocket more or less a hip belt which length is adjustable, but also as a triangle belt can be used, you can use to fix the shoulder belt under the shoulder, keep the bag on the back in place, which very much is worth for example on the bike. If you want you can also as such, just use the waist belt or as briefly addressing them, that it can be used as a trolley.

A small piece of belt has peak design micro-anchor fastener system attached to one of the two side pockets/external pockets with which you can very well fix the keychain.You can remove these with a ‘click’ again. Well thought out and very practical!

Me Important Details

Hand Grip

My regular readers know very exactly now for an everyday bag a handle how important is me. You can find this also the everyday Messenger. To transport a bag of a meeting room just in the next is simply more practical than having to always throwing them over the shoulder of a carrying handle. I am very glad the peak design that looks also si. The handle is very comfortable, even if the bag is very full and heavy. However, the handle is not disruptive or is disruptive to striking the smart design of the bag. The implementation in the everyday Messenger I like very much!


Yes, that is there in the form of the waist belt, but good I do not find this solution as a trolley. A trolley is usually earlier attached to the bag and also better to use when the bag is full and attempts by the trolley to slide. It works though, but it would have been better to solve.

Silent Opening

The closure of the cover over the main compartment is the hammer. You can open these completely silent with one hand but only very hard unnoticed as outside.Say, if you hang around the bag has can open it very simply and very easily and also just so conveniently close and must not long after the equivalent search, as with other Messenger bags and another, for example a long finger in the Metro would quite pull fixed it, so that you can notice the access with very high probability would. Chapeau peak design! This is a innovation! Through the four different types of support, I can affect the volume of the bag floating with the lid in its four different positions.

Weather Resistance

The fabric is water repellent and waxed outside. The zippers that are accessible in the weatherproof design on the outside. The bag will say, very well survive a mighty rain debris. But not suitable for scuba diving.

Loading Volume-Or”What’s Inside?”

In these everyday Messenger more going in when you look at her. I first thought it would be impossible to stow a full-blown DSLR, but this was a totally wrong perception. Our large Nikon D700 with the quite voluminous Nikon goes 28-300 VR wonderfully in this case, both standing and lying and that is also when a notebook is back serving.

My “normal load” are in the bag:

-Sony A7R Sony Zeiss 55 1.8 II

-Sony 24-240 or Sony 90 2.8

-Leica Q or Sony A6000 with lens

-13″ Windows notebook incl. power adapter and mouse

-9, 7″ Tablet

-Field pouch by peak design with batteries, memory, cables and co


-Money Exchange


The peak design everyday Messenger is a small miracle weapon in terms of loading and it fit really what I need in my everyday life as a marketer and photographer in my two professional worlds all.

In the lid a lengthwise Pocket is sewn you can put a tripod leg and thus can jam the tripod. One leg through the longitudinal loop un plugged into two legs outside the lid hanging and already the tripod is secured for transport. So that it cannot slip out, peak has supplied design a small rubber band with which to tie together the three legs of the tripod and thus slip out can prevent the tripod. Particularly dirty should the tripod leg with the push in the tray on the cover don’t be, because otherwise it is cleaned automatically during this process.

So much now to the first impression, after the bag is now about 24 hours with me. I look forward to the upcoming everyday with this bag and will deliver in a couple of weeks after intensive use a report you, as promised above.

I write you another article to the also supplied peak design field pouch in the next few days. Also a very thoughtful and exciting part.

My Conclusion After Just A Few Hours

The hype surrounding this bag is not unfounded. This bag has a very sophisticated system and was designed by people from the practice for the practice. This bag costs just over 250 euros and is worth every penny in my eyes. I even wonder how I see this conclusion in about four weeks after intensive use. Remains on reception-I’ll report!

Greetings – your Pocket freak & Fotofuzzy-Jörg Langer

We Provide The Technical Details-They Even “Specs” Are The Following:

Outer material: 500D-Kodura-Nylon (waxed)

Color: Charcoal/grey (dark grey)

Dimensions: 30 x 43 x 18 cm (Hxwxd)

Capacity: 13.5 20,5 liters

Shoulder strap length: approx. 96-134 cm (adjustable)

Shoulder strap width: 5 cm

Hüftgurtlänge: approx. 125 cm (case included)

Empty weight: 1.3 kg

Videos To The Peak Design Every Day Messenger Shoulder Bag

The official kickstart you should watch video in any case:

Also very helpful and full of information is the “explaining bear video” by Enjoyyourcamera, which I include here also likes for you:

And I want to put a third video you in the heart, this one over 20 minutes. This video can be reached via a QR code, which is found on the inserts to the bag. This QR code takes you to the “Support page for the every day Messenger bag”.

No question about function and design is likely to remain open after this video.

The now last video was wrapped by me comes from Florian Berger and also speak German.