The Favourite Bags of Employees: Nadine and Her Purse Collection

It’s interview time again and today I introduce my colleague, friend, Banknachbarin, running partner and soon MOM n you. It is responsible as I product presentation for content management, writes, as you certainly know, also for the blog and supervised entirely by the way also the brand shops by Jost and Leonhard Heyden. At least she’s doing that again soon, because right now she is dedicated to very different, but no less exciting tasks. It is therefore time to take their passion about the I shake sometimes only the head, more closely scrutinized.

Why do you collect purses?

Purses are small, elegant and practical. They come in so many different designs, with various closures and internal divisions. I find in purses you must not set itself to a particular style, it represents. Times can be times with a purse very stylish and edgy set or glamorous. And not always the same spends a fortune for a new purse. I also don’t know, when exactly my passion for purses has begun, but with time, there were just more and more. And each one also reminds me a beautiful situation, for example, a holiday in Stockholm, or on a special stage in my life. I often change the wallet also according to mood or time of year. Time should it be a large wallet, times the practical small purse.

When you get that wallet?

I have a purse every day. As I said, I’m changing my wallet depending on the mood or if I vergucke me to work in a new model. My current favorite is a model of Mywalit:

In this purse in the color of candy I fell in love at first glance, because I really like the new, fresh design. Currently, I am more a fan of small compact purses as large waiter exchanges. Also, I have still another model of the Italian brand of bag as must insert supplementary accessories, namely an caseall my customer cards fit in that, I don’t have that.

In addition usually a small purse, where, I’m saving money, which I took for example at the flea market. This is currently the small spar wallet for the young and is brought out when a purchase for the baby.

What’s in your wallet?

In my wallet is of course, as with all others also to find money. So there must be a proper place for notes and coins. Then I’d, of course my ATM card, my ID, my driver’s license and my insurance card and I need at least 4 card slots. All other cards are in my additional card holder. And there are still a receipt from the last purchases with me even in the smallest purse. But be sure to mention what is: the absolute highlight of my current wallet is the little pen, which is located in the middle and with one super can tick off the shopping list.

What do you particularly like about your current wallet?

At the moment, small colourful models are my favorites, just like the beautiful purses by Mywalit. I like it, if the purse quickly fits in the pocket or trouser pocket and you need no extra bag. I have also a model of Fossil, which is not only a purse, but even my phone fits in that.

I find this very handy, because if you just leave the House, you have together fast mobile phone and purse and must grab the key only. This now brings me to a new purses-inventor-idea: you’d need a wallet in which money, mobile phone and keys fit… but there is again a small clutch or handbag, and here we also have a nice selection to offer.

How many wallets you have total at home?

I have not counted honestly still them, but there are exactly as many as fit into 2 shoeboxes. You well also can store his collectibles and the overview can also be lost. If I am in the ‘Wechelphase’ again, I lay out like all the models on the floor in front of me and look what purse to once again join me in everyday life. So I guess my choice so amounted to 30, maximum of 40 models. At the next ‘currency exchange’ – opportunity are sorted out then also equal to old receipt and that is ‘old-new’ purse back in use.

Thank you, dear Nadine! Now, I can much better understand your passion for purses in all colors and shapes. And I note: for you, what are the purses, shoes are for me…

But what is your passion? Or are you alone? Then just write me or send me a photo of your favorite part or of the whole collection.