Shop Cutterman: The First Physical Space of the Brand in São Paulo

And, folks? Beauty? By following the posts of Sao Paulo, I’ll talk about one more place that I visited, the store Cutterman. It was a special visit, because one of the posts that guide the users in the beginning, it was an interview with the Cutterman, at the beginning of 2013.

Shop Cutterman The First Physical Space of the Brand in São Paulo

The brand has grown a lot since then! Today, they have the sale online, consolidated, made a partnership of weight with the West Coast, and finally, opened the first physical store, to the joy of the pauline!

I spent nearly the whole of my weekend in São Paulo by rotating the region. The district of Pinheiros has many small businesses. He is really very dense, with huge volume of thing to know. Is different of Belo Horizonte, where things are more isolated. Among these things is the store of the Cutterman, R. Mateus Grou, 644. It is a perfect place to ensure your accessories and backpacks. Gives there!

What it Has in Store Cutterman?

In the physical store of the Cutterman you will find what you see on the site. Yes, the internet is real!

The products made through processes of craft have the leather as the car chief. They work with backpacks in canvas, scholarships to photography, purses, cover glasses, belts, wallets of leather, organizers, bracelets, hats, straps for camera , and much more.

The highlight of the store are the purses, handbags, backpacks and briefcases. This line of products Cutterman has a very beautiful design that mixes the saddlery of the british with the hardiness of the northwestern north american. Are practical, beautiful and durable. The best, you have the right model for each utility, which goes from a folder to go to work up a suitcase to spend a few weeks out.

I took advantage of the trip to buy the new suitcase Journey in canvas waxed. It is good for a car trip, spacious enough for a ride of a week. She has size to go in the cabin of the aircraft, but only if you bring empty, as if to put everything that she can cope with will surely pass of 5 kg. Do not worry if you need to check. The material is a cotton canvas very durable and for being waxed, it is quite waterproof.

Visual Inspiration!

Has more. The decor is a show piece with beautiful furniture industrial style made by Desmobília, the same guys from the Studio Ignis Industrial.

Also has an excellent service. Whom I met there was Daniel. Hey! That guy good blood, more than one seller.

Now gives the photos of the space, and passes there in the shop of the guys.

Big hug to the guys from Cutterman!

Have some product of Cutterman? Have you visited the store? Account there in the comments, and share!