Roncato Teenage 2-Rollen-Koffer Review

Main advantage

Frequent traveller has greatly appreciated the strength of this case, with a shell that can withstand shocks and buffeting.

Major drawback

Disappointing lack of interior finish, which in a suitcase plays an important role in protecting content and maintaining hygiene.

Verdict 9.3/10

With the brand quality Roncato, this case ensures the robustness of its components, from the outer shell to the wheels for heavy use and long life, as well as at the right capacity to combine short trips and extended needs.



There are two recurring nightmares of air travelers: baggage loss and damage in transit. If the first drawback there is unfortunately no remedy, the second may be obviated by choosing the right model. Rai, a leading company in its field, has instead decided to devote particular attention to this aspect, giving his Teen 2-Rollerkoffer by a rigid shell, to offer protection, but springy enough to absorb bumps inside the cargo hold of an airplane and the shots, even violent, suffered at the time of loading on trucks to the airport of arrival. This choice is also useful as a deterrent to theft, since a sturdy suitcase is difficult to break or be cut, compared with duffel bags or canvas materials.


Choose a suitcase right capacity is not easy, because the inconvenience of a large model is offset by the limitations of tiny trolley, which often force you to a return journey laden with bags. While the inability to make a product suitable for all situations, designers from Rai have created, with Teen 2-Rollerkoffer, an accessory able to meet a lot of users. The capacity of more than 100 litres, combined with an excessive height, gives you enough room for your wardrobe and what will be added before the end of the holiday, despite resolutions designed to minimize the footprint and adapt well to the luggage compartments of vehicles. In addition, the lightness of the material that forms the envelope affects the overall weight, offering an additional guarantee of portability.


In recent years, the appearance of four-wheeled trolley raised a big debate about whether this invention could one day put retired on traditional design. The reality is that the two types of models can coexist because they offer both advantages and disadvantages. If the four wheels provide a more stable and a reduced risk of long-term damage, this configuration has the defect of very slow movements of those who carry the suitcase.For this reason, Roncato (see chose to equip their suitcase on the speed of two wheels, built with materials carefully selected for their strength. This trim is ideal especially for those long trips, with frequent changes of means of transport.