Rocha Loures Returns the Missing $ 35,000 in JBS Kickbag

Deputy informed the STF that he deposited the missing money in the luggage handed over to the Federal Police; According to the testimony of businessman Joesley Batista, an amount that had been paid to the parliamentarian was R $ 500 thousand

Deputy Rodrigo Rocha Loures delivered a handbag with cash to PF; But with R $ 35 thousand less

The federal deputy Rodrigo Rocha Loures(PMDB-PR) warned, on Thursday(25), the Federal Supreme Court that held, last Wednesday(24), the judicial deposit of the R $ 35 thousand that were missing in the suitcase Of money handed over to justice.

The money bag had been handed to the  deputy  in a pizzeria in São Paulo by Ricardo Saud, who is director of JBS according to Businessjust. The material had been missing since April 28 , when cameras had spotted Rocha Loures holding luggage and getting into a taxi.

“Rodrigo Santos da Rocha Loures, by his attorneys, in the records of the precautionary action nº 4328, comes before Your Excellency to inform that on the date of yesterday the judicial deposit of R $ 35,000.00(thirty five thousand reais), amount is related To the investigation conducted in the files of the investigation No. 4483, according to the judicial deposit guide presented herein(document 1), which is deposited in the account No. 86400176-5, agency nº 3133, of the Federal Savings Bank “, says the petition Sent to Minister Fachin.


The Federal Police said on Tuesday that the money bag that was with the congressman was handed over to the authorities with $ 35,000 less than had been informed in the testimony made by the owner of JBS, Joesley Batista.

The seizure order made by the Federal Police stated that the bag that was in the possession of Rocha Loures contained R $ 465,000 in cash, divided into 9,300 bills of R $ 50. The luggage was delivered to the police by the lawyers of the legislator last Monday,(22).

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Understand the case

The owners of JBS, Wesley and Joesley Batista, presented to the PGR(Attorney General’s Office) a tape in which President Michel Temer endorses the payment of a”allowance” to silence former Eduardo Cunha Mayor(PMDB) and Or tip operator Lúcio Funaro, both arrested.

In the affidavit to the prosecutors, Joesley revealed that the order of the allowance in the jail did not start from Temer, but that the president had full knowledge of the whole operation.

Another piece of information directly affecting the president is that Loures, Temer’s trusted man, was tipped to handle a pending J & F holding company that controls JBS. The pending case would be the dispute between Petrobras and J & F over the price of gas supplied by the state company for the EPE thermoelectric plant.

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When asked by Joesley about who could help resolve this situation in his favor, Temer would have only responded to speak”with Rodrigo”-referring to Rocha Loures. The pendency was resolved through a payment of R $ 500 thousand per week for 20 years, which would last the agreement with the EPE. Only the first installment of R $ 500 thousand would have been paid to the deputy.