Resorts in Turkey

Resorts in Turkey

Fethiye resort

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The city of Fethiye can be called one of the colorful and unusual resorts of Turkey, washed by the Aegean Sea, because it has retained its national charm and could become a modern recreation area. Its location is a bay on the western coast of the country, above which rises a mountain with the ruins of a medieval knight’s fortress.

The history of the city begins in the 5th century BC. Located on the Lydian border, Fethiye flourished and developed, acting as an important and independent strategic point. However, the earthquakes that hit it in 1857 and 1957 destroyed all the buildings and structures, restoration work on which continues today.

Green hills are represented by spruce and pine forests, there are also acacia, myrtle, laurel, a Frankincian tree rarely growing in the Mediterranean climate, and fragrant flowers. Fethiye is chosen by tourists who prefer leisurely walks and exploring the surrounding landscapes. Stepped and steep slopes make it possible to fly on hang gliders.

According to Sunglassestracker, the main monument of the resort are the Lycian tombs, the main of which is called Amynthos. They date back to the 4th century and are adjacent to the ancient mosque of 1791. Art lovers will find a museum with expositions of works of art, they tell the story of the Lycians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and Byzantines.

Often tourists stop not only in Fethiye, but also in its surroundings – towns and villages. The infrastructure in them is properly developed, and modern and inexpensive hotels, colorful local restaurants with traditional cuisine, will allow you to spend an unforgettable vacation on the coast. Fethiye can be called a democratic resort with affordable prices for a wide segment of tourists.

Vacationers admiringly examine the Valley of the Butterflies, where the most incredible species of these insects live, visit the old mountain village of Yuzumlu, surrounded by impenetrable forests, which still preserves a solid stone house of the Ottoman period. The ancient city of Tlos is interesting, or rather its ruins, located on the top of a large hill. From here you can see all the splendor of fertile gardens, plantations and fields. Boat trips are carried out to the bays of Gakkaya and Samanlyk, to the cave of the Pirates, to the island of Cleopatra. An interesting excursion on a ship to 12 nearby islands adjacent to the bay of Fethiye.

The popularity of the resort brought the Blue Lagoon, so named because of the clear turquoise water. Fans of water sports and beach holidays, experienced divers and novice divers flock to it. The coastal zone of the resort is mostly rocky with sheer cliffs, and sandy beaches, like beads, are hidden in bays surrounded by vegetation. A large-scale yacht center meets tourists in Fethiye.

At the resort, for quite affordable prices, you can buy national souvenirs and high-quality leather goods, handmade carpets.

Resort town of Didim

Treasury of the ancient world, spread out on the coast of the Aegean Sea, is the city of Didim. One has only to visit the sacred road to Miletus, the temple of Apollo and the mythical head of Medusa, to be transported back in time several centuries ago.

Since time immemorial, the city has been considered a sacred place where pilgrims rushed to worship Apollo Didino, in honor of which a temple was built later, which is today a memorial of antiquity. The city received its current name only in 1991 and began to refer to the leading resort areas of the country.

Modern Didim is a great place in Turkey for a beach holiday on 55 km of sandy beaches, for extreme sports activities. It is located on a peninsula and is adjacent to the picturesque Akbuk Bay and the province of Mugla, where the famous resort areas of Turkey are located – Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, etc.

Since Didim does not have its own airport, you can get here from Dalaman or Izmir, transport links are established with these cities, if desired, you can cross the sea.

Didim is a small town, but it has many historical monuments. Of course, the ancient columns of the sanctuary of Apollo of impressive size are considered the main attraction; they are part of a huge temple of the Hellenic civilization. Nearby you can see the ruins of the stadium, where fights and competitions, ritual games were held. For even more acquaintance with the ancient world, it is worth going on an excursion to the ancient cities of Miletus and Priene.

The city of Ephesus is adjacent to Didyma, it is believed that in ancient times it was built in honor of the goddess Artemis, tourists are attracted by a museum that tells the history of Turkish baths, the ruins of the agora, the ancient theater, and the library of Celmius. And in the city of Seljuk, the archaeological museum will acquaint tourists with collections of ancient objects found during excavations in Ephesus. Moving south from Didim, you can get to Bodrum – the noisiest and most frequently visited tourist area. In the east direction from the resort runs the road to the mountains leading to Pamukkale.

The coast of Didim is represented by entertainment centers, fishing taverns, night bars. The disco “Medusa” also brought popularity to the city, it is the largest on the Aegean coast. Tourists are attracted by local restaurants with terraces overlooking the sea serving exotic seafood dishes. You should definitely try squid in red wine, fried octopus with olives or mussels with potatoes.

Resorts in Turkey