Original Or Replica – Important Tips When Buying Handbags

Who nowadays buys a branded bag, always has to ask the question:Is this handbag really real?Unfortunately, there are more and more dealers offering forgeries to buy.In holiday countries like Turkey, you can buy numerous counterfeit items.However, if you are looking for the authenticity of your purchased handbags , you may wonder how you can detect counterfeits.This is no longer easy because the fraudsters have become more and more creative over time.

The obvious can be decisive

When buying a branded handbag, look at the obvious:Is it likely that a Versace bag costs only 50 euros?Are Chanel bags really for under 20 euros to get?Probably not – in these cases it is quite certainly forgeries.Check the respective bags for the material, the logo, the fabric and the difference to the normal price.Is the metal light weight?Do the logos look distorted?Are there any missing letters in the name or are the names wrong?Are the fabrics cheap and are the seams badly processed?All of this is more of a response to the fact that the bags offered are counterfeits.

Ask for a purchase

If you are looking for a branded handbag, you should first check out the brand-specific features.Bags by Marc Jacobs have, for example, all zippers with a lampo- or RiRi embossing.With a date stamp on the inside are all pockets of Louis Vitton, which were manufactured from the 80’s.So, if you know exactly, the motto is:”Knowledge is power” and you probably will not acquire a fake as quickly as without this knowledge.

Buying handbags on the Internet

On vacation, you can quickly get traders who want to sell you counterfeits.Even faster you will find however on the Internet replicas.Before a euphoric order of bags, check exactly how the respective online shop is built.What payment methods are offered?Is it a private or commercial seller?Are there already experiences reports of other users about the respective shop?Does the dealer ship his goods from abroad?Onlineshops, which have, for example, a seat in China and lure with favorable offers of branded brand articles, are known for their bad reputation.In addition, you can make even worse use of your return rights when buying in foreign shops.Note that brand handbags will always have a certain price.If you are always vigilant when shopping for leather  handbags at simplyyellowpages, do not fret so fast and instead enjoy your new items instead.