Oman Basic Information

Oman Basic Information
Basic data
Capital Maskat
Population 4.48 million
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
State system Sultanate
Head of State Haitham bin Tariq
Head of government Haitham bin Tariq
Currency name Omani Rial (OMR)
Time shift +3 hours (in summer +2 hours),
Nominal GDP (billion USD) 65.0
Economic growth (%) 1.3
Inflation (%) 1.5
Unemployment (%) 2.4

For the Czech Republic, Oman represents a small market of million people with an overlap and trade ties with the GCC countries, Iran, East Africa and neighboring countries of Southwest Asia. It is the 78th most important export market for us, but its potential for our foreign trade is much greater. The purchasing power of companies and households is relatively high, payment morale is good, law enforceability is rather weak, and this with regard to Islamic law, which is not very well known in our country. In addition, the Czech Republic has no agreements with Oman on the protection of investments, the prevention of double taxation, or on economic cooperation. The business languages ​​in Oman are English and Arabic.

For 50 years, Oman has acted as a country in principle cooperating with everyone, without ideological prejudices that would in any way limit trade. It does not participate in international sanctions measures and presents itself as an “island of stability” in the region of the Arabian Peninsula and the wider region of Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia.

Oman is the third largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It has the largest share of the public sector in the economy compared to other GCC countries. Transport infrastructure, telecommunications networks and data services are at a higher level than in the Czech Republic. Oman is said to have the 10th best highway network in the world. It also has 4 international airports (Sohar, Maskat, Duqm and Salalah), 3 marine and 2 industrial ports (Duqm, Port Sultan Qaboos, Sohar, Salalah and Khasab). Ship handling (unloading and loading) is said to be the fastest in the world in 2021. Oman has ambitions to become a global logistics and telecommunications hub. It lies on an international sea route. Dozens of submarine telecommunication cables connecting Australia, Asia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula exit here. The port currently under construction in the Indian Ocean city of Duqm is said to eventually eliminate the need for ocean liners and giant tankers to travel to the expensive and security-prone Persian Gulf. Duqm is therefore a part of the modern Chinese Maritime Silk Road, it is used by the US, UK and Indian navies based on long-standing agreements.

As one of countries that start with letter O according to Countryaah, Oman is an oil country that is not a member of OPEC. Oil and gas have ensured the prosperity of Omani society since 1970. However, in relation to the current volumes of its extraction, proven oil reserves will only last Oman for less than fifteen years ahead (ie until 2035), as informed observers often point out. Oman is therefore stepping up its efforts to build an economy that is not dependent on oil revenues. Currently, the share of oil activities in the economy is still only around 70%. Oman therefore strengthens non-oil economic sectors, attracts foreign investors to the country, strives for higher added value, new technologies, transfer of know-how, training of the local workforce, strengthens food self-sufficiency or builds the port of Duqm, which is to become a logistics hub of global importance. An opportunity for Czech goods and Czech companies.

Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

international prefix for calling from the Czech Republic to Oman +968, followed by the local number, consular emergency line for Czech citizens in need +966 505410531

the most important central numbers valid throughout the territory of Oman

  • 112 – common emergency line of the rescue system in Oman or also
  • 9999 – police, emergency services and firefighters

Other phone numbers:

  • firefighters: 290211
  • emergency service: 211555
  • traffic accidents: 561447
  • reporting traffic violations: 24510228
  • assistance services for motorists: 24697800, AAA (Arabian Automobile Alliance), non-stop
  • passport and visa information: 24569606
  • information on air connections: 24519223
  • lost baggage during air transport: 24519504
  • weather forecast: 24519113
  • foreign exchange rates: 1106


  • Muscat 24560099 (for the entire capital area)
  • Muscat Airport 24510099
  • Khasab 26830199
  • Nizwa 25425099
  • Ruwi 24701099
  • Salalah 23290099
  • Seeb 24420099
  • Sohar 26840099
  • Sur 25540099

Medical emergency:

  • 603988
  • 563625


  • Al Buraimi Hospital 25652319
  • Al Nahda Hospital 24837800
  • Armed Forces Hospital 24331997
  • Khoula Hospital 24563625
  • Nizwa Hospital 25449361
  • Royal Hospital 24590491
  • Sohar Hospital 26840399
  • Sultan Qaboos Hospital (Salalah) 23211151

dental clinic:

  • Al Massarat 24566435
  • Al Muthana Physiotherapy Center 24484046
  • Al Shatti Hospital 24604263
  • Gulf Medical Center 24564639
  • Hatat House Polyclinic 24563641
  • Harub Dental Clinic 24563814
  • Lama Polyclinic 693055
  • Medident 600668
  • Qurum Medical Center 562198
  • Mahfudh Dental Clinic 441819

electricity failures:

  • 24714300 (Muscat, Mutrah)
  • 24701821 (Ruwi)
  • 23290211 (Salalah)

water supply failures:

  • 24795775 (Muscat, Mutrah)
  • 24702732 (Ruwi)
  • 23290222 (Salalah)

phone connection:

  • information on international phone numbers 1327
  • international telephone exchange (operators) 1305
  • information on national telephone numbers 198

Important web links and contacts

Ministry contacts:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and IT
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Ministry of Information
  • Ministry of Interior, Royal Oman Police
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of National Economy
  • Ministry of National Heritage and Culture
  • Ministry of Municipalities and Water Resources
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
  • Ministry of Housing and Land Development

Statistical overviews:

  • – National Center for Statistics and Information
  • – Central Bank
  • – National Statistical Office

Significant institutions for business:

  • – Chamber of Commerce
  • – exhibition center in Muscat
  • – trade fairs in Oman
  • – Customs Administration
  • – customs portal
  • – tax administration
  • – tax portal
  • – e-government services
  • – public tenders
  • – portal for investors, government initiative INVEST EASY
  • – Office of Economic Zones
  • – Office for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs
  • – Industrial Investment Agency
  • – Investment Promotion Agency
  • – trade companies
  • – industrial enterprises

Entry, visas and tourist information

  • – visa information
  • – Airport
  • – tourist information


  • – Omani newspaper Times of Oman
  • – Oman Daily Observer
  • – economic weekly for the Middle East

Oman Basic Information