Nails to Match Your Handbag, According to Gaultier. Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012

Along with reviewing the new trends that show us in the Haute Couture Paris today I bring you a proposal of the more colourful we have seen in the parade of Jean Paul Gaultier.

A collection inspired by the recently desaperecida Amy Winehouse yield results in a continuous parade of pencil skirts, corsets, and carded of course impossible, but if we stay with something it is with the game that has managed to get to the nails It complemented perfectly with accessories.

I will not say that the combination of cover is not cool, the Blue klein for a total look can be an inspiration, elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

This time the pastel shades were not the actors but it took attention away acids and colorful colors that either missed nails and that surely more than one already will be making you think in the spring.

Here to see this example of combination nail + clutch in a strikingly Orange that though it is quite attractive to my I like less than the mixture of the blue klein.

But not always the nails and the clutch have go the same color, can be complemented with other colors as in this case green clutch and a orange red the truth that very well marry.

By the way, could not end the post without a mention of the makeup of the models as you can see has recreated the Amy Winehouse look, emulating the impossible backcombing, superintensas lines in the eyes that are stretched to infinity with wigs and where missing or to its peculiar lunar near the lips.

Everything serves as a tribute to one of the greatest has left us too soon.