Magazine Publishes Photos of JBS Money Bags

Of the Season :

“Who’s walking with 500,000 from one side to the other?” Asked entrepreneur Frederico Pacheco to Ricardo Saud, a JBS lobbyist, on the afternoon of April 12 this year. Fred, as Senator Aécio Neves’s cousin is known, was in the office of Saud, in São Paulo, to pick up the second installment of R $ 500,000 of the R $ 2 million settled between the president of the PSDB and Joesley Batista days before. Fred had been assigned to the task by Aetius, as recorded in audio by the senator himself:”A guy who kills before making a donation.” The Federal Police monitored the meeting-a controlled action, authorized by Minister Edson Fachin, rapporteur of the case in the Federal Supreme Court. Fred was uncomfortable. He did not accept water or coffee. In front of him, at a table in Saud’s room, There was a black suitcase packed with packs of $ 50 notes tied up with plastic little bits. Fred seemed to verbalize, one after the other, all the thoughts that were assaulting him,”Where the hell am I getting in, man?”

The suitcase was provided by Florisvaldo de Oliveira. He always assisted Saud in delivering money and kept a small stock of them at his disposal. For deliveries starting at R $ 500 thousand, the black bag was the most appropriate. It accommodated well half a million reais, to almost R $ 1 million in notes of R $ 50, if observed the correct method of organizing packages. Florisvaldo had helped collect the cash for Aécio’s kickback at the JBS headquarters that brought in cash from the company’s clients, such as supermarkets and meat distributors-customers who turned a lot of money. This plant was called internally”Warehouses”. He supplied many of the politicians who, like Aetius, asked for their share in cash.

ÉPOCA reconstituted the scene by means of recordings authorized by the Justice itself of reserved interviews with participants of the controlled action. He also reconstituted the other four cash deliveries accompanied by the PF between April and May of this year, in Operation Patmos, as a result of the delusions of JBS executives. The five payments amounted to R $ 2.4 million. There were three deliveries of R $ 500,000 destined to Aécio, one of R $ 400,000 destined for the doiroiro Lúcio Funaro, and finally, one of R $ 500,000 destined for President Michel Temer-that of the black suitcase with wheels, which crossed quickly The sidewalks of São Paulo thanks to the hands of Rodrigo Rocha Loures, the”long manus” of the peemedebista, in the words of the Attorney General’s Office. The report from had exclusive access to dozens of images of suitcases,

The rest of the set, however, remained unpublished. EPOCA now publishes the most relevant images. The strength of the whole of this material lies in the visceral and abundant exposition of the object that mobilizes the desire and acts of the corrupt, political or otherwise, in Brazil or elsewhere: notes, many notes, of money. Yellow or blue. In suitcases or briefcases. Collected by family members or advisors. Two months after JBS’s announcement, after weeks and weeks of legal and political discussions about the crisis that has taken place in Brazil, this element, so fundamental, that defines the cases of Temer and Aecio, has been conveniently forgotten.

Fred searched for all the parcels of R $ 500 thousand of Aetius. It began on April 5, returned on the 12th, already under PF monitoring, and kept the schedule in the following weeks: it found Saud, in the same place, also on April 19 and May 3. He fulfilled the task while Brazil knew the content of Odebrecht’s deportations; While the country was watching the testimony of the executives of the contractor, who incriminated Aécio.”I sleep peacefully,” Fred said in the second meeting, shortly after rationalizing the crimes he committed as an isolated act that did not define him.”If I tell you something, you will not believe it: you were the only one I treated with. The only person who can talk about me is you.” Saud left him free to vent.”How can I not do it? I have a commitment to loyalty with Aécio,”he said,

“One, two, three, four, five… Ih, I made the wrong bill. One minute. What’s in each little pack of these?
– I’ll help you close it here.
– One hundred, two hundred, three hundred…

On that same day, reports from the Council for Control of Financial Activities, the Coaf, report suspicious operations involving companies and an adviser to Senator Zezé Perrella, Aecio’s ally. Mendherson Souza worked in the senator’s office and had power of attorney to handle accounts of him. Already appeared in other cash bank operations, with suspicion of washing. He was accompanying Aetius’s cousin as his helper. On the same day, Fred called an acquaintance of São Paulo’s doleiro to find ways to heat the money.