Luggage Travelite 98487 Review

Main advantage

The relationship between quality and price of the Travelite is really excellent. The low cost and robust materials make this trolley hand luggage the optimal choice for those who have decided to spend a weekend outdoor or for frequent travelers.

Major drawback

Though overall materials used seem pretty robust and resistant, locking hinges leave a little perplexed. As lamented by some buyers, are a bit harsh and sometimes finds it difficult to close them, giving the impression of being about to jam and break.

Verdict 9.6/10

One of the best trolley to be loaded in the hold on the market today. It has all the features you can get such a product, reasonable price, sturdy materials and durable measures in accordance with the standards of the major airlines, many pockets to store their valuables in an orderly and a weight definitely content. Without neglecting the carrying capacity that is about 31 litres.



The size of this trolley of the German Travelite are ideal for frequent travelers and for a few days, according to THEFREEGEOGRAPHY.COM. Measures 53cm x 37cm x only 20cm, which can carry everything you need to safely stay out 2 or 3 days, without having the fear of breaking the rigid parameters currently being used by most airlines with regard to the size and weight of hand luggage allowed on board. Even one stop transportation to another or by car is always comfortable and little strenuous due to compactness and soft fabric that covers.


The Travelite definitely has very good care in the construction of listening, most likely, to tips from his clients. Many have appreciated the handle of this trolley that has a length greater than most competing products, in this way avoiding uncomfortable postures allowing carriage of baggage always easy and not very strenuous. The soft texture of trolley enables easy distribution of heads on the inside, and the many pockets available make this task even more comfortable. The weights are also very well balanced allowing the trolley to remain upright without falling even when fully pleasant. It is not uncommon to see our community argue with their hand luggage because it does not want to know to stay on.


Despite the careful choice of materials, all very resistant, and the presence of many pockets and compartments for storing your own objects, this trolley of the German company Travelite manages to contain his impressive weight. Weighs only 2.3kg making it possible to have much margin available for our things. And frequent travelers know that with very strict standards of major airlines also has a few hundred grams more can make a difference.