Kalinka.Vintage Clothing for the Small Purse

Earlier we went to second hand stores and flea markets to bargain to beat. Saving was our goal – more clothes for less money. But since the great vintage hype has broken out, we could only dream of saving. Now we dig on OMIS attic or save the bag of aunt before the bulky waste (like me), to benefit from an at least 20 years old (so my definition of vintage) piece of clothing or accessories to come. Because most secondhand stores have used the favor of the hype and juicy soaring prices leave.

But now there are remedies. Because my lovely Bloggerkollegin Anna Eimerl, fashion and more allowing their Blogzine Kalinka.Kalinka , has summarily their kalinkanischen co-author and graphic designer Florian caught Wenningkamp and the online shop for vintage Mashed Kalinka.Vintage from the floor. And not be expected, as such a team of have them given everything (and 13 hours at a time), as pretty as possible to present the fashion – real models of a real make-up artist have their faces painted and photographed by Florian Wenningkamp – in a real Photo Studio. These images are arranged on Kalinka.Vintage cute, presented against a backdrop of plain, white, unablenkenden and straight invite to go shopping.

Fashionable focuses both on the 70s up 90s have years, something easily seen with the colorful, graphical patterns of clothing. And the prices are what course the most excited at Kalina.Vintage. The upper limit is 50 euro here, most costs 30. So her vintage lover and spenders, makes you in the large world of the World Wide Web and loot Kalinka.Vintage!