Juhuhh, I Have a New Photo Bag

There are lucky handles, like yesterday when I was at Ba & sh vente Privee sale. I’ve been looking for a new photo bag for a good 3 seasons. This is not a real photo bag, which I will always look at with the intake control at the Fashionweek: “So, you are a photographer? Where’s your camera? Hey? ” Then I just open my monster bag and the gentlemen at the inlet controls are all of a sudden silent and swallowing. “That’s what you carry around all day?”

So, I needed a replacement for my very old bag (left) by Sandro, which gave me very loyal services over at least 6 years. But now the bag is through. and i searched and searched and found nothing. Until yesterday. That’s her. See picture above.
That’s the content when it’s summer looking. In winter, gloves, hats, scarf etc. are added. Then it’ll be tight, but I have to go through. But 120 euro, calf leather with small pouch for the cell phone – you can’t be Moses.
As you can see, I’m not as cool as Garance Doré, who rides the area with a canon of Scottt Schuman, without a protective cover. But since I have constantly Radunfälle, besides being a dub before the Lord and then still dressing robbers who attacked me 10 meters from my doorstep (happened on the last Fashionweek), I prefer the good lowepro photo bags. According to opelikafashion,  they also protected me when the 3 gangsters tossed me and my bike three times to the ground.
Everything inside. But: even more does not fit in. I was praised by my friend, because he found the old one just ugly and embarrassing, because the layer over the artificial leather loosened. However, he asked the question of all questions:does everything fit in when we travel with baby office? Answer:No, because his friends named Bear and chaperone are already quite large, with at least 4 cars, 3 books, drinking cups, cookie, diapers, cloth, hand polish, wet wipes, tempo en masse, spare trousers, spare shells, all the travel papers, Sometimes a blanket, 2 hats, 2 gloves, 2 scarves (for me and him) plus my stuff – that’s going to be damned tight. I think I’d better raise my old bag a little bit more.