Handbag Picks

The handbag is a woman dress accessories, consisting of all possible materials and is worn as tote in the hand or on the arm, at some time or on the shoulder (shoulder bag). For three or four decades handbags are sometimes also worn by men.

In the middle ages, bags made of cloth or leather first only by men, were, attached to the belt. In the 15th and 16th centuries, women wore bags that hung down to chain or strap from the belt. In the 16th and 17th centuries, bag-shaped bags came up, were worn but rarely. One or two bags hidden under the broad rock, which had to reach through a slit in the rock were common. This kind of bags – sewn to skirt – were very long and still be found in traditional dresses.

In the 18th century, the handbags belonged to the fashionable clothing (see cheap handbags on https://www.pauldigo.com/online/handbags/). Around 1805 women who wore the bag as outerwear, had finally established herself, and none went more out of the house without handbag. in 1846, the metal frame was invented so that differed in the handbag as a result from its bag-shaped predecessors and acquired a greater importance of practical and fashionable. Durable bags with handles were much you could take to travel, the first handbags were made of leather. These bags looked more like a small suitcase and had a snap-catch for the first time. With the 19th century end of, finally the bag was an accessory for the women’s world.

After the first world war, leather was scarce and expensive, so that even well-known fashion houses who sought with cotton. At the same time, the percentage of the synthetic materials used increased in the 1920s extremely. 1923 the zipper taken up by the transport bags of the Canadian army was socially acceptable. The minimalist pouch bags, which had a flap similar to according to their models from the 18th and 19th century an envelope experienced a fashionable high point. The old bags with the form defined by a framework were also in fashion. Exotic-looking dance bags and mesh pockets made of metal links, down to the part decorated with fringes were added. Pouch made of metal links there since the early 18th century, they remained extremely rare because of the intricate hand work and were only affordable after the introduction of the first machine for the production of metal mesh in 1908 for the general public.

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