Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is located on the Bay of Fundy, near the village of Alma ( New Brunswick Province ). The total area extends over an area of ​​207 square kilometers. The park has sea ​​coast and coastal forests.
The sea is over nine meters deep here. But at low tide you can even see the sea floor. A wooden path was built to get to the forest and can reach the marshland. Fundy National Park is famous for its numerous waterfalls. He has a total of 20 pieces!

Earlier, in the 19th century, it was park as major timber supplier to Canada. There was a sawmill on the site. Wood was felled here for the nearby cities and also exported. In 1948, the surrounding forests were nearly cut down. With that, the lumberjacks also disappeared from the area and the first New Brunswick National Park was founded, which, by the way, means New Brunswick.

The Dickson Falls Hiking Trail and Herring Cove Beach are particularly popular destinations these days. There are many impressive waterfalls along the entire route along the hiking trail. On the beach you can experience a great view and, among other things, you can take a hike on the seabed, but of course only at low tide.

Equipment of the park

The Fundy National Park has a supply village called Alma at the eastern entrance to the park. Here guests can dine in the restaurants or rent accommodation in the hotels / motels. There is also a gas station in the village. The visitor center provides visitors with important information and gives instructions and tips on how to behave on the routes. Beautiful paths and places are also often mentioned here. Information about the course of the tides can also be obtained here.

The hiking trails which run through the entire park are divided into different routes. There is the possibility of one-day tours, but also real hiking units that last several days. Particularly beautiful are the paths past the fish-rich rivers and lakes, where to some extent Fishing can.
Some exhibitions have been set up in the park to bring nature closer to the visitors. Many beautiful picnic areas and viewpoints invite you to linger.

The hilly hinterland of the park is ideal for observing big game. Many moose and deer live here. Wildcats have also settled here.

If you want to be active in the park, the golf course with a picturesque view of the sea is the right place for you. If it is more adventurous, the demanding, multi-day coastal hike is the best choice. This leads through a total wilderness.

By the way, Alma is famous for its lobster and fish dishes. These are prepared freshly caught here. Of course you can also take the lobster and fish with you to your accommodation and cook it yourself.

All in all, the hiking paradise for outdoors and nature lovers offers everything you could wish for. Forest, plains, sea and coast, as well as a beach. Visitors can also spend the night at the campsite. Over 700 places are available here. Those who prefer to camp in the wilderness would like to have the opportunity to do so at the Goose River, Marven Lake, Tracey Lake and the Forster Brook Trail. The park is very popular and therefore the beach is often very crowded with tourists and guests. There is also a heated salt water pool on the premises. Those who prefer to experience the park a bit far away from the tourist hustle and bustle should head to the hinterland. There is usually less going on here.

Fundy National Park