Eve & Adis – Organic Bucket Bags and Cork Accessories

Pay less and nevertheless the more individuality and quality. It does not work? Then get away from overpriced luxury purses and prefer to invest in eve & anis.

Eve & Adis - Organic Bucket Bags and Cork Accessories

I like the hype around overpriced Designer It bags. Although I am pretty busy with fashion and styling every day, I do not have a Celine Trio, APC Half Moon Bag or YSL Monogram, or again they all are called – but maybe for that very reason. Somehow, they have simply been seen too often and too long and the exclusive must-haves completely lose their exclusivity. The quality is rare and the enormous prices are paid for the name.
Long talk, short-minded – as I always discover many small, ambitious accessory books, which unfortunately unfortunately often disappear on the market, I like to jubilate you regularly on THE SHOPAZINE.

Like today eve & adis, the label of Eva-Maria Scheyer and Adis Mataruga, who produce high-quality bags, accessories and jewelery made of organic materials at Lake Constance. The duo completely shares my opinion that in mass production supposed luxury goods, but also cheap goods are manufactured, which harm both the environment, as well as the man and the animals. With their fashion, eve & anis want to awaken the awareness of people, to break away from this comedian to look for green fashion, or here, green accessories.

In this case it does not need much SchnicSchnack. The clean lines are still the best. Neither the beloved Bucket Bag is missing in the current collection, nor small leather handbags and clutches or iPhone and tablet covers.

Right in the eye, of course, the self-colored fabrics have fallen and the bags of cork. This is a renewable natural product, which will hopefully keep coming into fashion and interior in the future.
With prices from 57.00 Euro for a leatherclutch, from 127.00 Euro for a backpack or 148.00 Euro for a bag from cork you get at eve & adis for a comparatively little money, so much more exclusivity and above all individuality.