Do It Is Soaring Chanel among Young People? The Answer Is a Resounding Yes

If we think in a house in typical fashion and mythical insurance that many will come to mind Chanel, the French firm has established itself as a quality and design fashion brand and why many become completely insane. A few years ago we thought about Chanel and residual it with the the moment more perfect tweed suits Ladies of a certain age with much class and a fairly large bank account, now everything is changing and young girls want a “Boy” by Chanel or some espadrilles accessible to its economy what is changing?

Parades like that they are doing Chanel in recent seasons are a lot closer to its younger clientele thanks to social networks and much closer to this public themes. Also here opinion leaders that are followed by many millions of people do not hesitate to become a classical model of the French firm, but also by those more modern items and showing more trend come into play, in the case of Lovely Pepa o Chiara Ferragni that you look handbags and accessories of this firm very often.

Also have a very important role the red carpets and the actresses who look the signature dresses, now do so loving and young actresses of fashion as Emma Stone at the premiere of the film Amazing Spiderman 2, with a young and very susceptible public. We also have recently seen to Lupita Nyong’o ‘ or with a multicolored dress very youthful and breaks many stereotypes of Chanel.

I am sure that young people are watching to Chanel every day more closely but this does not mean that all the girls will wear the signature bags imminently, prices are very high and only a few can afford it. What if you will notice in the sales of other firms “the cost” will be inspired by these brands as copied models, we will begin to see the napped as something juvenile and the tweed as something fundamental in the closet.