Consulting Company Creates Planning Course of Backpacking Trips

After the lecture presented at Adventure Sports Fair, which had higher than expected return, and also thinking answer numerous requests to deepening the theme, the company Spin Consulting teaches the course”how to plan a backpacking trip”

Engaged in some social projects, disclosed that the total income of the course will be designed for the campaign “A new beginning for Refugees”developed by the social side of Spin Consulting.

The Course

With load time of 7 hours, the course aims to give support to those who want to do backpack trips and needs assistance in first steps for planning and developing a plan of action according to Instructors seek to facilitate learning about the ways to look at yourself and your wishes, recognition of skills and competencies that already exist, in addition to concepts necessary for the concrete realization of the trip.

Currently the traveler’s profile, in General, is changing and the number of trips of type “plan yourself” has become the preferred choice for travelers.

Unlike a few years ago, when the travel planning was taken into account.Currently 38% among travelers reported abandoning traditional tourist packages in time to plan a trip. Furthermore, the experiences “off beat” (term that means adventure trips, cultural activities and contact with local cuisine) are the most popular choices for a public supporter of wanderlust .

Thinking in public particularly adventurous, one who makes himself the script of your trip and that often leave something to be desired in terms of planning, is that this lecture was developed.

The methodology applied is based on Harvesting Programme that has as principles work the expansion of consciousness and the development of the human being to stimulate individual and sedimentary the path to relevant changes. This methodology uses also the steps of strategic planning held in companies such as effective method to use available resources in order to achieve what you crave.

The development of this work will be accomplished through the development of self identifying personal characteristics, personality, tastes, strengths and to develop skills and competencies to find your own answers and resources that will support the development of the planning of the trip.

The understanding about different kinds of travel plans describing the objectives, aligning them with the personal recognition, sorting them and developing a plan to achieve the goals; support in drawing up the plan of action with possible steps to be undertaken, certain deadlines, responsible for carrying out and how it will be accomplished.

These issues will be presented in 1 day for a group of up to 25 people.

Who Will Give The Course

The course will be given by Flávia Arpini that has 20 years of experience in management and development of People working in national and multinational companies in Brazil and abroad in management and consulting positions. He is currently Manager of Spin.

The course will have the participation of Luciano Fernandes and Natalia De Marco, presenting case studies on equipment and planning their trips by Brazil and abroad for the practice of climbing and trekking.