Chanel in Frankfurt – Verkaufsverhindernd

Oh, you would like to buy something from Chanel, alone, that it is not really easy for one in the Frankfurt dependance. That’s up to the staff. Seldom am I (and Hannoveroffice was on the day my witness) had been so reluctantly served, wherein this happened in this shop for repeated times.

I wanted to buy shoes, but on demand, whether said models were still available in my size, was not looked at at all, but there came a very hesitant “no, I do not think.” Huh? “So what now, are you in my greatness or not?” And then there was a half-baked “No.” Check the computer to see if you can still order the couple in another European city, is only done on the press – but I didn’t even feel like it. Hmmmm.
Now Hannover and I thought, perhaps you have better maps than the Far East-Asian or the Arab inhabitants (beating in Frankfurt at trade fair times and then like to buy what the stuff holds, therefore in the shops very popular), but – and this is at this Sad story still the good – there is a relatively democratic one at Chanel in Hesse:Because when we both wanted to troll, we were still witnessing the scene in the checkout area, as an Asian-looking (I am not good at national rates, but I tap Korean) and English-speaking customer, who was interested in the above-mentioned bag, was on demand: “Yes, we have it in another size, but it’s downstairs.” According to preorderhandbags, and true: The friendly repost “I will get it for you immediately” stayed out.
Little thought:Should luxury products not be a luxury service?
P.S. as a minimum honorary rescue – at Chanel in Berlin I am always very accommodating and kindly served.