Caution: Taschendiebe – 7 Tips for Protection against Theft

Especially in the holiday season there is an increased risk of bagpipes. During the holiday season, a great number of bagpipes are on the go, trying to attract tourists and non-resident locals to their pamphlets and other valuables. Especially women should take care, as these are a popular goal of Taschendieben. The tricks and stitches of the pocket straps are just as brazen as they are refined. In this article, we will introduce you to the seven popular tricks of Taschendieben and how you can effectively protect yourself against them.

1. The old-fashioned relay trick
This form of theft is very popular with Taschendieben worldwide. Taschendiebe in small groups of 3-4 persons. As a rule, the squad trick goes in the following way: You are looking at a place of interest or take pictures of buildings. A seemingly innocent passer-by is lost in thought and looks at his cell phone or his watch and bangs at you. The passer-by apologizes politely, stealing your purse. The stolen goods are immediately handed over to an accomplice, so that you will never see your wallet again. To protect you against this rip-off, you should leave all the valuables in the hotel or at home. In addition, you should put a compact money bag, which you can put in the front of the bag. A chest pocket or a shoulder bag with safety lock is also useful for keeping your valuables.

  1. The luxury brand rip off
    This trick is especially widespread in the southern states of Europe. The scenario is as follows:You are walking through the streets and suddenly a car stops nearby. The driver asks you to the side window. The car driver drops the side window and asks you for a simple route. He presents himself to you as a representative of an examplary expensive luxury handbag and as a reward you will find a piece of clothing of a luxury brand, Such as Gucci or Prada. He asks you about your dressing size and takes a piece of clothing from the backbank in the plastic cover and gives it to you. You are glad about the unexpected gift and go on. But the driver stops again next to you and waves you to the side window. He says he left his purse at home and if you can give him a few euros to fill up. At this moment you will surely react like the most. You get your purse from the handbag and want to give the friendly man small money to refuel. At this moment, however, the thief reaches for your purse with his hand and races away with the car. The best precaution against this kind of rip-off and similar methods is that you should never pick up your money bags in the immediate vicinity of strangers. The same applies to the smartphone, tablets and cameras.3. Visit the restaurant
    This trick enjoys worldwide popularity and is even widespread in Germany. The trick follows the following principle. You sit with a friend in the restaurant and talk to him. You hanged your jacket over your chair because you want to minimize the risk of stolen it. The pocket strainer sits down at a table that is just behind you, carefully inspecting the position. The Langfinger carefully searches your jackets for money and valuables. If he finds nothing valuable in your jackets, he goes over to the next victim. An effective protection against this theft trick is to wear all the valuables on the body when visiting the restaurant or café and not leave it in the jacket or coat.

    4. Refined deflection maneuver
    With this trick, which always love to use Taschendiebe, the principle is always the same: You are only distracted by a handkerchief and then from his accomplices. A handkerchief pushes you into a crowd of people to you until you feel pressed by these and turn away from you annoyed. While you are focused on the Drängler, his accomplices steal your wallet or phone from your pocket. You can protect yourself against this refined rip-off with some simple tricks. So you should use a breast bag or a shoulder bag with safety lock, in which you can safely store all your valuables including money bags.

  2. Rip off with change money
    The exchange of money is also a very popular method for bagpipes, For example, used by Taschendieben in Berlin to steal nothing-visiting visitors on the Christmas market. The trick is as simple as it is refined: the Langfinger will ask you kindly if you can change him a couple of money. While you are looking for small money in the money pocket, the Langfinger seems to put his fingers in the money pocket seemingly unselfish to help you. In doing so, he draws money out. There is also a second variant of this rip-off: You are asked by the thief for a small donation. When you pull the purse out to look for small money, the thief grabs the big bills and just runs away. The best protection against this trick is easy to say:”Sorry, I can not change your small money”.6. Warm welcome
    This tricky tricky trick is used in the carnival season and in the Christmas market season of clever bagpipes to commit theft. The handkerchief welcomes you like an old friend whom he has not seen for a long time, puts his arms around you, and gently reaches into the pockets of your jacket. Against this theft trick you can defend yourself by vehemently resisting the embrace. In case of emergency, you can also threaten the police.

    7. The follower
    This trick is used by Taschendieben worldwide and can cause a considerable financial damage in case of emergency. The Langfinger lurks at a bankomat. He watches you unintentionally as you enter your PIN number. He runs after you and steals you the purse with the EC card or in most cases steal thieves equal the entire handbag. Once the thief is thrown with the EC card in safety, he will quickly clear your account. Therefore, you should enter your PIN number at the ATMs always covered and pay attention to eye-catching people in your vicinity.

    Refined bagpipes are everywhere, whether on the Christmas market, in the supermarket or on the street. That is why you should keep your purse and valuables always securely held on the body, and always be careful and skeptical when strangers approach you on the street and want something from you.