Cape Verde Tour Plan

Cape Verde 4

Cape Verde is among countries that start with C listed on The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, the colloquial language is the Crioulo, which has a different expression on every island. Many Cape Verdeans speak English or French because of their stays abroad or school education.

Cape Verde 4

  • Day 1: Our journey begins!
  • Day 2: Cidade Velha & Praia
  • Day 3: The white beach of & Delta Cultura
  • Day 4: Fogo, one of the most active volcanic islands on earth
  • Day 5: The lunar landscape of the Caldeira
  • Day 6: Melting Pot of Cultures: São Vicente
  • Day 7: Melting pot of cultures, colorful & lively: Mindelo
  • Day 8: Island of mountains, winds, water
  • Day 9: Santo Antao
  • Day 10: The coastal hike to Fontainhas
  • Day 11: Day on the sandy beach of Sal
  • Day 12: Sal
  • Day 13: Arrival at home

Having just arrived on the island of Fogo – “fire” – we are on our way to the namesake: the highly agile volcanoes. The road winds its way up to the Chã das Caldeiras crater plateau in endless loops. Our hike to Pico Pequeno takes two and a half hours, which has already been called “the volcano with the fine manners”: Although it likes to spit ash and lava – most recently in 2014 – it still gives the population time to get to safety. Figs, potatoes, pomegranates and wine are now thriving again on the volcanic soil. In the evening we taste it, get to know Fogo’s special music in Ramiro’s village inn and understand why most of the residents stay here, even though they have had to rebuild everything several times after eruptions.

Again and again we get an insight into everyday life in Cape Verdean: In the development project “Delta Cultura” we meet girls and boys who acquire skills for life in the football school. On the island of Santo Antão, we move into the fishing village of Ponta do Sol (with its natural harbor surrounded by waves). From here we set off into the lush tropical vegetation of the Paúl Valley with its sugar cane, coffee and maniac terraces. Later we visit a distillery and a workshop for fishing boats.

Meals: B = breakfast / L = lunch / packed lunch / D = dinner

1st day:

Our journey begins!

With anticipation in our luggage we get on the plane today and reach Praia at midnight, where we are already expected. Together we then drive to our hotel in Cidade Velha.

Travel time:
Overnight at Hotel Limeira ***
(- / – / -)

2nd day:

Cidade Velha & Praia

Ribeira Grande, that was once the name of Cidade Velha, the oldest city in Cape Verde. Both Christoph Columbus and Vasco da Gama made a stop here on their way to the American continent. This pretty town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. Our walk first leads to the “Pelourinho”, the pillory built in 1520. Today’s monument with an octagonal base and spiral column is a reminder of the past centuries, when what was then Ribeira Grande was the Cape Verdean center of the slave trade. We continue to the cathedral, it was built in 1495 and is therefore the oldest colonial church in the world, of which only the foundation walls can be seen today. Afterwards we drive to Praia. Here, too, we find a beautiful old town.

Walk: 2.5 hours
overnight in Hotel Limeira *** or similar.

3rd day:

The white beach of & Delta Cultura

Today we drive through the interior of the island. We start a short hike in the Serra Malagueta. Then it’s on to Tarrafal. A place that is located on the north coast of the island of Santiago and attracts with the most beautiful beach on the island. In the private Austrian-Cape Verdean development project Delta Cultura we get an insight into the committed educational work at this facility.
Would you like to cool off afterwards? If you want, you can go swimming on the white sandy beach.

Driving time: Hike: 2 hours, (5 km, + 100m / -100m)
Overnight at Hotel Limeira *** or similar.

4th day:

Fogo, one of the most active volcanic islands on earth

Approach for landing on Fogo, the island of “fire”. From the airport we continue to the Chã das Caldeiras crater plateau. The road winds its way higher and higher in endless loops. Once there, we lace up our hiking boots and trudge a short stretch up the Pico Pequeno, “the volcano with the fine manners”. Incidentally, it is also one of the youngest volcanoes in Cape Verde.
What better way to round off this day than by tasting fine, fiery drops of Fogo wines. We let this day end comfortably with the special sounds of Fogo.

Hike: approx. 3 hours, (4 km, + 200m / -200m)
overnight in Casa Marisa or similar.

5th day:

The lunar landscape of the Caldeira

This lunar landscape of basalt and magma flows is both bizarre and fascinating: the volcanic rock of the Caldeira, the large populated crater. A hike to Monte Velha, which is part of the “picture book volcano” Pico de Fogo, is on our agenda today. The forest of Monte Velha is a nature reserve, the largest reforestation project on this island is taking place here.
An ascent to Pico de Fogo (7 hours / € 25), the highest point on the Cape Verde Islands, is optional.
In the afternoon we continue to Sao Filipe, the second oldest city in Cape Verde, founded in the 16th century.

Hike: 3 hours (7 km, + 100m / -100m)
Overnight in Hotel Xaguate **** or similar.

6th day:

Melting pot of cultures: São Vicente

With its magnificent colonial buildings, São Vicente is probably the most European island in Cape Verde. The colorful coastal town of Mindelo is often referred to as the “cultural capital” of the archipelago. The port of Mindelo, the Porto Grande, is a natural harbor and is located on an underwater crater. Pretty sailing yachts sway comfortably here, a wide variety of peoples once docked here at this internationally important port. In the evening we can really get into the holiday mood with live music in the “Noite Caboverdeana”. Our hotel is located on the most beautiful beach on the island.

Overnight stays in the Hotel Foya Branca **** or similar.

7th day:

Melting pot of cultures, colorful & lively: Mindelo

You can feel them everywhere in Mindelo, the various cultural influences from days long gone. The lively coastal town is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. This little town is pretty with its colonial houses and colorful markets. We stroll through the old town and then visit the Capoeira school. We can look forward to a graceful demonstration of this Afro-Brazilian martial art.
In the afternoon we invite you to optionally take a dance class with a local dance teacher. (€ 50)
In the evening we can bring our dance skills to use with local dance partners.

Overnight stays in the Hotel Foya Branca **** or similar.

8th day:

Island of mountains, winds, water

Today we take the ferry to Santo Antao. Island of mountains, winds, water. On the journey into the interior of the island, we make several panoramic stops because there is a lot to see! We start a short hike through the Covakrater into the Paultal (4 hours). In the evening we learn how to prepare the cachupa, the Cape Verdean national dish, in a small cooking class.

Hike: 4 hours, (5 km, + 150m / -700m)
Overnight in Casa Maracuja Cabo da Ribeira or similar.

Day 9:

Santo Antao

The south and west appear bleak and barren, in the north and east, on the other hand, you will be surprised by rich vegetation in a subtropical climate, spruce and pine forests green the Ribeiras as well as date and coconut palms, mango and baobab trees, citrus, almond, Papaya and orange trees. In the mountains, corn, pineapple, coffee and manioc are grown on terraced fields that are partly made of black lava earth and partly of white pozolana. It smells of eucalyptus, lavender and even lotus flowers. Acacias, wild figs and dragon trees line the paths in many places. Here we find the perfect conditions for wonderful hikes! Today we are walking along the Paul Valley. (3 hours) We visit a private coffee roastery and one of the many distilleries where the famous “Grogue” of Santo Antao is distilled.

Hike: 3 hours, (5 km, + 100m / -300m)
Overnight at Hotel Tiduca *** Ponta do Sol or similar.

10th day:

The coastal hike to Fontainhas

The old mule track meanders up and down the steep flanks of the coast. As a highlight we always have wonderful views over the sea and along the coast. For me one of the most beautiful hikes on Santo Antão.
In the afternoon we visit one of the last workshops for wooden fishing boats on Santo Antaos.
Depending on the flight schedule, ferry crossing and overnight stay in Mindelo in the afternoon

Driving time: Hike: 3 hours, (6 km, + 200m / -200m)
Overnight at Hotel Tiduca *** Ponta do Sol or similar.

11th day:

Day on the sandy beach of Sal

The sunny island of Sal consists mainly of sand, desert and dry valleys. But also small oases, salt pans and quiet volcanoes shape the picture. For a long time the island was the center of salt mining, hence the name “Sal” (salt), which is now almost only used for personal needs and for tourism. Today we enjoy a day on the beach on this island.

Overnight in the Hotel Morabeza **** or similar.
(F / – / -)

12th day:


Today we still have a day room. Optionally there is the possibility of an island tour with salt pans from Pedra Lume, Shark Beach (approx. 30 euros) In the
evening transfer to the airport and return flight.


13th day:

Arrival home

Cape Verde 3