Calico Dragon Handbags and Satchel

Calico Dragon Handbags and Satchel

Calico Dragon

Calico Dragon Handbags and Satchel




Brand facts:

  • Calico Dragon is an American fashion brand providing handbags, wallets, apparel and other accessories with special designs like pro-animal messages and artwork.
  • They are creating a kind of cruelty free fashion, aiming to help animals by promoting animal protection rights through the bags and fashion.
  • Satchel is a small backpack.


Main Categories:

Handbags, clutches & purses, cross body bags, men’s bags, apparel & accessories, Children’s bags


Time and place: 2009, US

Early products: handbags, purses

Founder: Calico Dragon


Headquarter Location:
Sarasota, Florida


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Handbags: USD36.95-USD67.95


Official Website: