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Brynn Capella





Brand facts:

  • Brynn Capella is a famous fashion brand specializing in manufacturing high quality canvas backpacks and leather handbags which are as popular as jeans in America.
  • The designer combines classic tradition with everyday casual in her designs, thus their bags are of Italian timeless elegance as well as modern Chicago lifestyle.


Main Categories:

Coin bags, crossbody bags, hobo bags, large clutch bags, mini crossbody bags, pouch bags, satchel bags, small crossbody bags, tote bags, wristlet bags


Time and place: 2007, US

Early products: handbags

Founder: Brynn Capella


Headquarter Location:
Chicago, Illinois, US


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Handbags: USD59.95-USD407.99


Official Website: