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Brand Facts:

  • Bosca is a leather brand built by Hugo Bosca, an Italian-American immigrant, providing leather bags, totes, wallets, briefcases and other leather accessories for people in the world.
  • Their products are famous for their Italian designs and American functions due to the Italian artisan founder, now they keep on the tradition which has been one of the brand’s features.

Main Categories:

Leather bags, leather briefcases, leather wallets, leather belts, coats, leather accessories, leather clutches, leather handbags & totes


Time and place: 1911, US

Early products: handbags, purses

Founder: Hugo Bosca

Bosca Leather Bags

Headquarter Location:

Springfield, Ohio, US, North America – Countryaah

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Price Range:

Handbags: USD385-USD455

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