Book Tells How the Purses Became Object of Female Desire

In the beginning it was just a simple female accessory. Over time it has been gaining status, until it becomes a coveted object, attracting the attention of fashion designers and renowned companies.

We are talking about the bag, which has just won a book telling its story and its intrinsic relationship with the fashion world.

Written by Dhora Costa, a master in communication from the Paulista University and a specialist in fashion and creation at the Santa Marcelina College, the book shows the evolution of scholarships from the 19th century to the details and adaptations that characterized the accessory as feminine and its evolution during The twentieth and twenty-first centuries, turning the purse into the mainpiece in women’s wardrobes.

The History of the Grants(Editora Matrix) highlights interesting and curious moments, such as the mid 1850s, when journeys became more constant and the hand accessory began to become indispensable. At that time, women gained innovative models, miniatures of leather bags with clasp and key. This was the first time they could keep their hidden objects.

The author still shows the emergence of the great brands that dictated fashion in the twentieth century and how it all began in the 1950s:

The 1950s could be considered the last era of dictators’ couturiers, who transformed the dress of an entire society. Led by Christian Dior, the decade had other very influential and creative names: Balenciaga and Givenchy brought with their creations glamor and elegance to the fashion of the time.

The book also brings, in the end, a chapter dedicated to Brazilian brands.  

About the author: Dhora Costa is a master in communication from the Paulista University and a specialist in fashion and creation from Santa Marcelina College. She currently works as a fashion and image consultant, is a stylist and a fashion teacher.