Bags, Backpacks and Folders From Savage Supply Co.

Currently we see the accessories more cool geared to the male audience emerging from the most unlikely places, if before all the expectation was on major brands, today, to have something unique, the valley is turning to the internet in search of small companies making quality products with passion and dedication.

Bags, Backpacks and Folders From Savage Supply Co.

The Savage Supply Co. he was born in Plaza Midwood, a neighborhood of historic Charlotte, North Carolina, and it already shows, with its small product line, how to make purses, necessaires, handbags, and backpacks with style. Their products use canvas heavy and sturdy, thick leather and details in copper and brass, ensuring a piece of sturdy regardless of the type of activity in which you will use it.

This folder for a notebook, was the item that caught my attention to the Savage Supply Co. in the first place, the treatment of aged and rustic contrasts perfectly with the technological nature ofthe objects used as an example in the photo, in addition to being a piece, compact, easy to be loaded when we are not willing to carry a bulky backpack.

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If you have been interested in the products of Savage Supply Co., the brand sells to Brazil, just visit the virtual store to buy.