Ashland County, Wisconsin

Ashland County, Wisconsin

Ashland County is located in the northern part of Wisconsin at the head of Lake Superior. The county covers a total area of 810 square miles and is bordered by Bayfield County to the north, Iron County to the east, Price County to the south, and Sawyer County to the west. See Countryaah – Counties in Wisconsin.

The location of Ashland County makes it ideal for outdoor recreation such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating and snowmobiling. There are numerous lakes in the area including Chequamegon Bay which is known for its excellent fishing opportunities.

The county also has several state parks including Copper Falls State Park which features a stunning waterfall; Pattison State Park which offers an abundance of lakeside activities; and Amnicon Falls State Park which features several scenic waterfalls.

As far as transportation goes, Ashland County is served by U.S Route 2 which runs east-west across the county as well as Wisconsin Highway 13 which runs north-south through the center of Ashland County. In addition there are several smaller roads that provide access to nearby towns and cities.

Overall, Ashland County offers a variety of activities for visitors with its many outdoor attractions and easy access to transportation options.

Ashland County, Wisconsin

Demographics of Ashland County, Wisconsin

Ashland County is located in the northern part of Wisconsin and has a population of 16,400 people. Of this population, 97.3% are White, 0.3% are African American, 0.8% are Asian, 0.3% are Native American, and 1.2% are from other races. The median age of the population is 44 years old and there are slightly more women than men in the county with 50.5% being male and 49.5% being female.

The median household income for Ashland County is $44,919 with 11.2% of the population living below the poverty line. The major industries in the county include healthcare and social assistance (14%), manufacturing (11%), retail trade (10%), education services (8%), construction (7%), and professional, scientific, management and administrative services (6%).

The largest cities in Ashland County include Ashland which is home to 8,000 people; Mellen which has a population of 1,500; Butternut which has a population of 500; Marengo which has a population of 300; Sanborn with a population of 200; Glidden with a population of 100; and Nirich with a population of 30 people.

Overall, Ashland County is home to many diverse people who come from different backgrounds.

Places of Interest in Ashland County, Wisconsin

Ashland County is home to a variety of places of interest that are sure to please any visitor. One of the most popular attractions in the county is Copper Falls State Park which features a stunning waterfall and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. There is also Pattison State Park which offers lakeside activities such as boating, swimming, and kayaking.

The city of Ashland also has several attractions including the Bay View Beach which offers visitors a great view of Lake Superior; the Bad River Lighthouse which was built in 1856; and Chequamegon Bay Golf Course which provides golfers with an 18-hole championship course.

Other places of interest include Amnicon Falls State Park which features several scenic waterfalls; Apostle Islands National Lakeshore which provides visitors with access to over 20 islands; and Big Top Chautauqua which hosts concerts all summer long.

Overall, Ashland County has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural events, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to your interests.

Notable People of Ashland County, Wisconsin

Ashland County, Wisconsin is home to many notable individuals who have made a lasting impact on the area. One of the most well-known figures in the county is former Governor of Wisconsin and U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson who served from 1959-1961 and then again from 1963-1981. He was instrumental in creating the environmental conservation movement known as Earth Day which continues to be celebrated around the world today.

The county is also home to many prominent artists including painter and printmaker, Francesco Spicuzza; photographer, Jody Miller; woodworker, Mark Buell; and sculptor, Robert Dohman.

In addition to its contributions to the arts, Ashland County has produced several notable athletes including professional football player John Anderson who played for the Green Bay Packers from 1981-1993; hockey player Michael Sauer who played for the New York Rangers from 2005-2013; and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn who won four World Cup titles during her career.

Overall, Ashland County has produced an impressive list of talented individuals. From politicians to athletes to artists, this small county has much to be proud of.