Alcatraz, California

Alcatraz, California

Alcatraz (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos.

The most famous prison in the United States and, perhaps, the whole world, Alcatraz is not only a correctional facility (by the way, it has been functioning only as a museum for more than 30 years), but also a small picturesque island 15 minutes by sea from the San Francisco pier . Motor boats briskly ply between the “mainland” and the island, regularly delivering numerous tourists to the prison-museum. There really is something to see here: for almost a hundred years, Alcatraz has been synonymous with hell for those prisoners who were unlucky enough to serve time here. Close “loners”, gloomy punishment cells and narrow barred passages – after seeing all this, you begin to appreciate freedom in the best possible way. See acronymmonster for nickname of Kansas.

A bit of history

The history of Alcatraz began at the end of the 18th century, when a Spanish navigator discovered the island and named it Pelicany (this is how “alcatraz” is translated from Spanish). A century later, during the Gold Rush, a lighthouse appeared here, and a little later, the construction of a fort began to protect the gold-bearing territories, which was later equipped with 110 long-range guns. The gold dried up, and the fort was no longer needed – so at the beginning of the 20th century, the first prison appeared here, first for prisoners of war, and then for especially dangerous federal criminals. In the entire history of Alcatraz, not a single successful escape was made from here – a perfect security system and natural isolation by the stormy waters of the San Francisco Bay left no chance for the fugitives. The most famous prisoner of Alcatraz is the legendary Al Capone, who spent seven years in prison.

What to watch

Alcatraz prison tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. From pier number 33, “motorboats” with tourists regularly leave for the island, at least 15 departures every half an hour per day. It is possible to visit Alcatraz at night, as well as combine a trip with nearby Angel Island.

Acquaintance with Alcatraz begins at its pier: a steep ascent leads to the prison fort, and picturesque gardens full of flowering plants are located around. From the military period of history, Alcatraz inherited impressive cannons, as well as a considerable number of museum exhibits – binoculars, military uniforms, household items of the inhabitants of the fort, etc. kitchen, dining room and hall for Sunday masses, as well as a vast courtyard. In the Alcatraz Museum you can see the original keys with the letter “A”, whistles and weapons of the guards, handcuffs and shackles, photographs, daily routines, objects of creativity of prisoners and materials on failed escapes, for example, fake heads molded by prisoners from soap, wire and hair,

The most famous prisoner of Alcatraz is the legendary Al Capone, who spent seven years in prison.

Information for visitors

The ticket price is USD 39.90 for adults and USD 24.40 for children. The way to Alcatraz takes about 15 minutes, it is worth taking 2-2.5 hours to see the prison. You can return to San Francisco at any time of the return motorboat departure until 18:30.


Hollywood sign

Hollywood sign (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos.

The white letters that form the inscription HOLLYWOOD, surrounded by the lush green slopes of Mt. Lee, are without exaggeration the most recognizable “settlement” sign on the planet and also the only one that has its own website. A symbol of the Dream Factory, Los Angeles, California and, often, all of the States, the inscription “Hollywood” first appeared in 1923 – and over the past almost a century has repeatedly become the object of ridicule, the occasion for curious scandals and the cinematic landscape.

A bit of history

The history of the most famous sign began in 1923. Then no one else could even think about the Dream Factory, the Los Angeles neighborhoods were uninhabited hectares of land with a complete absence of any amenities. With the onset of the building boom, there was a demand for land, and then enterprising agents began to offer plots outside the city for sale. The inscription “Hollywoodland” was created to attract the attention of buyers to suburban lots of land. The sign was supposed to stand for only a year and a half, but then the star of the Hollywood film factory rose in the sky of world cinema, and they decided to leave the inscription, omitting the ending “-land”.

Over time, the sign deteriorated, which did not go unnoticed by Hollywood stars. In 1978, nine representatives of the American show business shared the cost of restoring the inscription – letter by letter for “nose”. The new letters were made from super-strong (and expensive) Australian steel, while the old ones were sold at auction for a hefty sum of $450,000.

Where to look

The Hollywood sign is visible from almost anywhere in Los Angeles. For perfect photos, as well as to enjoy the view of the inscription from afar, it makes sense to come to the observation deck of Griffith park located exactly opposite Mount Lee.

An important point: climbing Mount Lee to the sign is prohibited by law. The inscription itself is under 24-hour digital security and is controlled by the park rangers.

Another popular spot for photo ops in front of the sign is at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue, close to the Kodak Theatre, where the Hollywood & Highland Center is located. You can get here by car or by the red metro line.

Alcatraz, California