Alberto Bellucci Handbags and Luggage

Alberto Bellucci Handbags and Luggage (2)

Alberto Bellucci

Alberto Bellucci Handbags and Luggage (2)





Brand facts:

  • – The brand was founded with a belief “High quality Italian Leather Goods for a great price”.
  • – They are aimed to provide classic and high quality products with good price.
  • – The designers use top grade leathers, vibrant fabrics to design good quality bags for customers.


Main Categories:

Messenger bags, duffle bags, briefcases, handbags, doctor bags, laptop bags and cases, women’s briefcases


Time and place: 2008, Milan Italy

Early products: leather bags and accessories

Founder: Tony Perotti


Headquarter Location:
Atlanta, Georgia, US


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Handbags: USD183.99-USD345

Vintage Luggage

Official Website: