7 Tips That Will Greatly Facilitate Packing Bags

Do you have nerves when it comes to packing your luggage? It’s no secret that the increasing practice of this kind of stress subsides, but if the first time you fly by plane or pack your luggage for the whole family, we understand that you may fall. Please accept our humble seven tips that will help transform the process of relaxing granted.

1 / Start packing at least a day before departure

Whenever we read in different lines of how we should start packing a few weeks prior to departure or departure abroad, sincerely talking. This advice is completely misguided for those who travel frequently, for families with children or simply for those who think his head. The ideal time to start packing to leave for a week to 24 hours before the intended leaving home. That’s enough time you found out that you are running the necessary medication, you have a hole in your swimsuit or a trunk that stood in the closet for ten years without any movement, the wheel fell … I prefer to write in advance a list of necessary things and follow him. Actual packaging calmly stresujte later. At least in a suitcase or travel bag nenaskládáte more things than they actually need.

2 / layer

Our second piece of advice is heading in two directions at once. It applies not only to the actual packing luggage, but also to the way you dress to go. Now this way is most comfortable you deal with significant change in the weather without without having to change your entire wardrobe. The second part of the advice applies of course to the package. When you pack worthily in layers, allowing for the easier control of your luggage and thereby reduces the likelihood of being selected for a detailed scan … do not even have to travel to the US to give the regulations TSA (the US Bureau of Transportation Safety ) sense. In them reads: “Wrap things in layers. Dress in one layer, the second shoe and electronics in others. Security check and get a clearer picture of what’s inside. “Think about the fact that this is also true for your hand baggage. How will the structure clearer, the faster you get over control.

3 / Stáčejte into a roll, Do not fold

It’s no big secret that some of the best experts on packaging travelers are backpackers who need into the smallest possible space natlačit the most useful things that might need during your journey. It was from these circles to you goes quite possibly the most useful advice – wear stáčejte into a roll and Do not fold them. As polls suggest most people who packed a suitcase for travel, clothing translates. But they also gave backpackers experts agree – turning into a roll is effective. Tightly rolled-up clothes not only takes up minimal space, but it is less prone to wrinkling than the clothes translated with almost military precision.

4 / struggle with weight? Leave the jeans at home

That you love them and you give them without even blow? If your jeans are an essential part, take them directly to each other. If you are traveling by car, you can ignore this advice, but in the luggage on the plane you will be jeans occupy too much space. They are tough and if you get wet, it takes them a long time to dry, and more – just too damp smell. Take prefer chinos. And even better, some with removable legs so you can zip two moves turn into comfortable shorts. That your luggage is still too heavy and does not meet the weight regulations? Move the hardest things into your carry-on baggage. It is usually very strictly limited in size, but its weight oversees the bare minimum international airlines.

5 / Travelling with children? Let alone packed suitcase

Packing luggage is no fun for individuals, much less for families with children. If you’re tired of pulling things that your kids into your suitcase packed, route childhood to prudent packing luggage. If they are already of school age, buy them small luggage and let them have wrapped themselves … certainly will not be the case in the first package to assist, but it only right that he will soon learn that whatever he wraps will accompany them throughout the journey, including weight attribute. And when they speak, whether you prefer to wrap darker clothes, the better. On the road is dirty because more often than in his room.

6 / Use packing sleeve

It does not matter whether you divide your belongings into the bushes by type, or maybe by color. It is important that the housing saves a lot of space. As? We will introduce you to the principle. Just as you finally sit down on the trunk to push content and reduce the volume of packaged things, doing the same parts. Do feathery pastry bag or scrunch ten pairs of socks, squeeze the air and tightly. Again, no need to push. You do not need any other device that the holders soak up all the air. Short trunk consisting of ten packages with contents is not only transparent, but it leaves more free space.

7 / Favor versatile clothing

This advice to beginners saves a huge amount of space, it obviously rubbed travelers know well. What is it? The black canvas pants, which will hang in the closet (and is not used), may be on the road a real gem. First serve the purpose for all-day trip, when fully know how the weather develops. Likewise, thanks to them, you will not have to deal with one hackneyed question: What kind of pants can take out to dinner when returning guests with short pants dress up? U capes and cloaks the purpose is clear, among other clothing, try to make could be on your way, at least two types of use. If you have to stack a sweater did not take three years, what is the chance of him dressed just in the next ten days in Morocco?