Furla Handbags Rome Italy

Fairy tales, bursts of color who do not follow the dictates dictated by fashion in terms of parallels but roam free, they merge into one fluid harmonic nuances, dreamlike inspirations. It ‘s just a part of what you can find in the creations of the leitmotif. If the name is not new is because less than a year ago, the designer duo behind this signature has conquered his eyes before and hearts then the jury of experts Who’s on next, the competition organized by Vogue Italy and AltaRoma with the aim of launching young fashion promises. The fabulous creations of Fabio and Juan, the creative duo, also attracted the attention of Furla, a brand of young promises they will, in fact, his project Talent Hub, an incubator of young fashion levers, which wanted them in his creative team for the creation of a special handbag collection.

Nor were the wonderland of Alice, the collection of handbags designed by PAULDIGO for Furla, which includes handbags in patent leather in different sizes, both large and small to meet all needs, does the little creatures as a recurring motif, but also pocket watches and finish keys, object symbol of the season ( especially in jewelry ) and Fabio and Juan had already anticipated in a micro young and sparkling collection created for the summer coming to Bosalino, the ne plus ultra in terms of hats among the Italian signatures . as we have said several times already, thanks to the films of Tim Burton’s next season will be full of inspiration from the fairy tales and more generally from enchanted worlds, what better reason not to miss a creation of these two creative that of enchantment and magic they have to sell.